View Full Version : Margaret Thatchers son arrested in coup plot

8/25/2004 10:44am,
(CNN) -- Mark Thatcher, the son of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, has been arrested and charged in South Africa with the financing of an alleged coup plot in Equatorial Guinea.

Police raided his house today on suspicion that he provided money for a helicopter directly linked to the plot. In the meantime 14 mercs have gone to trial in Equitorial Guinea. They're accused of planning to oust the oil-rich nations president with the help of over 70 other mercs that are now being held in Zimbabwe.


The eight South Africans and six Armenians were arrested in March and accused of going to Equatorial Guinea's capital Malabo as an advance party to prepare the ground for the arrival of a plane with the second group of men and weapons.

8/25/2004 11:08am,

165, 000 bail. jaysus!

Why in the world would Mark Thatcher be involved in something like a military coup?

Fucking rich kids!

8/25/2004 11:14am,
Tell me about it.

Thats basically a terrorist plot but he gets nothing for it!

If his last name was Mohammed he'd have been hung by now.

8/25/2004 11:28am,
I did notice how (at least on the BCC) it is called a coup, not a planned terrorist operation, which (according to current definitions) it is.

Notice how one of the guys arrested never made it out of the police cells? Where is Mark while this is going on? - Tea and biscuits at the Belfry old chap.

Apart from annoying - I find this just weird. I bet his estate has some business interest there which the current govt is restricting in some way.

Leave that sort of thing to GW Mark - your **** at it!!