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Peter H.
8/24/2004 4:01pm,
Since it appear imminent that I will be losing my teaching contract for two of my classes each week (over a totally personal vendetta, not for any real reason that anybody can/will vocalize to me), I am going to have some free time.

I do not deal well with free time, and the No Limits Boxing Club is just down the street from me, so I am debating getting back into boxing, especially soince I seem to be in good shape after wrestling again.

I want opinions, insults, and maybe even a bit of moral support here so fire away guys.

Here are the Pros/Cons:

I haven't boxed in about a decade
I will be the oldest guy there outside the coach
4 concussions
Bad right shoulder and knee

I'm stronger and faster now than I was when I last boxed, as well as heavier
I'm medically cleared to wrestle, so my head and body must be in pretty good shape despite everything else
I like humiliating guys younger than me

8/24/2004 4:06pm,
Well, if you are infact stronger and faster than when you last boxed and you did alright a decade ago, surely it will be even better.

8/24/2004 6:53pm,
Yea, go in and beat some people down! :D It should be great as long as you to push your sholder and knee to far.

8/24/2004 8:46pm,
Sounds like you already made your decision. Enjoy yourself!

Traditional Tom
8/24/2004 9:01pm,
Do it you lazy old bastard, just don't bug young people like myself about 'the good ol days', its the best way to lose respect.

If you haven't done it in a decade, it should be a reawakening experience for you, where everything is new again :)
have fun, theres no boxing near my house :(

deus ex machina
8/24/2004 9:05pm,
I hope someone catches you with a lucky cross and you die of a brain hemorrhage.

Traditional Tom
8/24/2004 10:56pm,
deus ex, dig deep, you can do better then THAT, cant you?

8/25/2004 12:26am,
You crazy old man! It is time to punch things!

8/25/2004 12:39am,
brilliant Antagony, just brilliant.

Yeah, go hit somebody. Have a good time

8/26/2004 12:43am,
Pete , gt your Yoga In for the Shoulder/Knee (esp shoulder) and GO FOR IT !

Be careful tho, moving up in weight ca nbe a Shock sometimes . Esp after an Absence .

8/26/2004 1:48am,
Never let age hold you back!!! Unless they won't let you take your walker into the ring.

8/26/2004 2:02am,
Mr. Kicker, I take it from your name you like to kick women during sex and not during sex, is this correct?

8/28/2004 8:37pm,
That's Ms. Kicker to you, greeseball. ;)

8/28/2004 9:03pm,
While I'm sure you're more than capable of doing anything you set your mind and body to, I would be a little cautious about the 4 concussions. Why not think about starting Muay Thai, instead of boxing? You'll take less head shots in Muay Thai, and the ones that you will take, will be a lot less punishing than a full tilt boxing punch. Because of the potential to get kicked or kneed, your opponent will be delivering punches at distances a little greater than you'd otherwise face from a traditional boxing opponent. Thus your chance of getting hit hard enough to trigger a concussion is diminished, while maybe only slightly, its still worth considering.

Good luck!

Traditional Tom
8/28/2004 9:37pm,
What does 4 concussions mean, medically, anyways?

8/28/2004 9:42pm,
with four previous concusions i'd try to block :).what can it hurt to try it out.