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Wounded Ronin
8/23/2004 12:12am,
http://p206.ezboard.com/fashidakimmessageboardsfrm2.showMessage?topicID=14 3.topic

Ashida Kim started this thread on his being hit by hurricane charlie.

Sorry, Charley, still here, LOL
Some damage but no injuries. Thanks for all the calls of concern.
Keep well, keep safe, keep alert.
We need more 'lerts, LOL

Ashida Kim

Calls of concern? Maybe we can get his phone number....

Here's sig material:

Got off pretty lucky all things considered. Lots of people nearby without water or electricity still. Lots of trees down, looks like a war zone.
But see, this is why we shouldn't be afraid of the terrorists. None of them, not even the bombing raids of WWII, could produce this much damage over such a widespread area.

Uh.....yeah....that's right. Getting your city leveled by a WWII bomber dropping phosphorous bombs is less bad than getting hit by a hurricane. Very astute, Ashida. Keep on trucking.

Roidie McDouchebag
8/23/2004 12:27am,

8/23/2004 12:49am,
I hate Ashida Kim... a lot.

Gringo Grande
8/23/2004 12:52am,
Jesus I think the man amongst his many psychological conditions has developed an over-attachment to typing LOL. My Girlfriend who survived Hurricane Andrew a number of years ago visited friends in Arcadia this weekend who had gone through Charley...she said it was bad but nothing like Andrew was...a statement echoed by her friend who lived through both Andrew and Charley.

Gringo Grande

8/23/2004 1:12am,
Not only did Andrew render large chunks of Miami unrecognizable, it sucked the family's bird right out the window. I guess that was our fault though, since we forgot to put him someplace safe. Not next to a window would have been a good start.

And as wacked out as Ashida Kim is, it's fascinating/disheartening/revolting to see that there are people who are in full support of him... that his books get published, and people buy them. "Ninja Mind Control" is at the bookstore, and I'm debating between whether I should read it for a laugh, or stay as far away as possible.

And that new post screen is awesome. Everyone loves taekwondo!

8/23/2004 1:37am,
lordy. it hurts me to think about it.

8/23/2004 2:01am,
Is he even asian?
(cause I mean he's such a fake i'm wondering if his name is too...)

Gringo Grande
8/23/2004 2:34am,
Nightstrike, he's a white guy named Chris Hunter who in total caucasian ignorance chose a Japanese first name and Korean last name. MC Busman has a great article about his absurdity as does Bullshido in their "punking" of Ashida Kim. The man is a toal fraud but as PT Barnum says...there is a sucker born every minute and I wouldn't doubt that the man has made some serious $$ over the years. One of these days I swear I'm going to drive down there...find where he lives and take pictures.

Gringo Grande

8/23/2004 2:34am,
Yeah those people in Dresden got off lucky. If they had really got the US mad, Ashida would have summoned up a huricanne and unleashed on their schnizel eating asses. Fortunately, he just sent in bombers to only incinerate the city to the ground and kill almost every resident.

8/23/2004 2:35am,
Originally posted by Nightstrike
Is he even asian?
(cause I mean he's such a fake i'm wondering if his name is too...)

Search function N00b! I like saying that . . ..

Welcome to Bullshido.

8/23/2004 3:04am,
What great reasoning from Ashida there. Fuckwitt.

8/23/2004 3:34am,
He will probably claim his ninja powers saved him from the hurricane, or even worse that he summoned it to vanquish his enemies.

8/23/2004 8:39am,
It's horrible, his ninja powers scare me. I mean look at the board....everyones RESPECTING EACHOTHER. Somethings up...I bet you he's paying those members to be that nice.

8/23/2004 8:44am,
LARPers respect each other too, it doesn't make them any less sad.

So was any damage sustained to Ashida's Ninja castle? And why didn't he just fly away?

8/23/2004 8:46am,
No rumors say, that he summoned some type of Ninja shield. So it should be fine if I'm not mistaken.

8/23/2004 11:35am,
Ashida kim is like a cancer that spreads....anyone check out that warlock guys site on another thread?