View Full Version : Norco California Throwdown: The Aftermath

8/21/2004 7:45pm,
I just got back home from visiting Clyde and I have to say that they definately don't do McDojo/Bullshido style Kenpo...it was fun except for the hyperextending my elbow with a standing joint lock part.

However, it would have been better if I wasn't the only one from this site who actually showed up. :mad: In short, all of you who didn't show up are pussies and have no right attack Kenpo as an art until you have meet with Clyde. The only other guy who showed up that wasn't part of Clyde's school was a Krav Maga instructor who isn't even registered on this site.

At first we did stand-up fighting (I need to work on kicking) then Clyde and Krav Guy debated/compared and tried out knife and gun defense/disarms...Kenpo won...so I challenge all of Krav Guys to debate Clyde on disarms...or better yet go to his school and learn why Krav sucks...

8/21/2004 7:52pm,
no pics?

8/21/2004 7:59pm,
krav maga

OC Kid
8/21/2004 8:26pm,
Yea I couldnt go, My girls had their first soccer game and my boys game was right after it. I didnt get free until about 330 pm..Maybe next time. But it sounded like fun. Sorry I missed it.

Mark Su Kow
8/21/2004 9:08pm,
Kempo srtikes again, and again, and again...

8/22/2004 7:45am,
I gotta say, Aaron (aka Jack Hanma) handled himself pretty well and showed he had a huge pair of balls to be there, he had a black eye when he got there LOL. I'm the one who tweaked his elbow a bit with the joint lock, it was that or get hit in the face LOL, so I did what I'm trained to do, react. I set this up so those that didn't believe what I do works could see it firsthand, problem is, only Aaron and Nef showed, besides the BJJ guys that were there training for their next fight in the cage. Big Kudos to Aaron, his Dad has some stuff on tape of us going at it that maybe we'll get it digitized and posted somewhere if Aaron likes it. Lots of fun and hopefully when I set the next one up we'll have a better turnout. Aaron, it was great fun having you there and seeing you put your talent on the line, I for one respect the hell out of that, and so did everyone else. Take care