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8/21/2004 11:52am,
just wondering what peoples (knifers) opinions are on, and whether they train switching grips mid fight , ie from reverse to standard?

I was doing some tapping drills the other week with some guys from another school and I kept switching for the slashes/stabs, they kept having to stop as their tapping was all messed up, they later explained that they dont normally do it and it can be seen as a bit 'underhand' as their drills normally start one way and stick with that

i dont know, perhaps it was a bit tragic to spend time learning to do it mid flow but it does give an advantage

deus ex machina
8/21/2004 6:53pm,
Switching grips is retarded. I don't give a **** who you are.

8/21/2004 10:14pm,
I've seen Sayoc and PTK guys switch grips during tapping and freeflow. It seemed to **** with the reciever pretty good like you mentioned. Personally, I don't do it. I've got totally different things in mind for both forward and reverse grip.

8/22/2004 3:23pm,
you say you have different things in mind for different grips, but surely it would be good to be able to use all those things in one flow, when each was appropriate?

and deus, care to qualify that statement?

deus ex machina
8/22/2004 5:51pm,
If you're not going to do it in a real fight, why do it. And if you ARE planning on doing it in a real fight, then you're fucking retarded.

8/23/2004 6:20am,
once again all you have done is re-word the same statement

why is it'fucking retarded' to gain an advantage over your opponent? if you can do it , do it, skill doesnt make you retarded

8/23/2004 7:15am,
I think deus is against the idea of changing grips due to possible lack of fine motor skill during an adrenaline dump as may be expected in a knife fight.

I don't do knife work though, so I'm just guessing?

8/23/2004 7:22am,
I'm with deus - switching grip is retarded.

You're relying on your opponent not being able to take advantage of the moment when you are no longer in control of the knife. And thats what it boils down to. When you switch grip, you are not in control. If you do it at a safe range, where you're opponent cannot attack, the chances are that you've just negated any benefit that would have been gained from switching.

8/23/2004 9:56am,
Deus is just a bit simple, don't mind him. I actually fight juggling three knives so that both my grip and my knife hand are constantly changing.

8/23/2004 11:27am,
Well, it's good to know how to use a knife in another grip than the standard. IF you have to use a knife in a fight, chances are that you have to deploy it as fast as you can, and switching grips, because you found it on the floor in a reverse fashion, can cost your life.
However, intentionally switching grips in the midst of a knife fight shows one of three things:
1) You're a Fillipino bad-ass mother, so you could kill him with a toothpick
2) You're a Byron-qouting, suicide-seeking, lace-loving, gothic disaster. A baby could kill you, mainly by smiling at you and showing you that the world isn't all fucked up.
3) You're Marduk, son of Ea, slayer of Tiamat.

8/23/2004 4:22pm,
Originally posted by Newf
Deus is just a bit simple, don't mind him. I actually fight juggling three knives so that both my grip and my knife hand are constantly changing.


8/23/2004 5:42pm,
It makes sense to flip your knife and reverse your grip when your transitioning from kneeling to standing, from fighting an opponent on the ground, overhead stab, to one running towards you, underhand thrust. But it's risky, and you're probably better off just keeping your grip and slicing up your opponent's thigh, as you stand up to face him.

8/24/2004 3:41pm,
I don't switch mid-fight - I'd be afraid of dropping the damn thing - but it is important to train both grips.

Have you ever tried doing Hubud with the knife in earth grip? It's a bitch to keep from getting slashed.

8/24/2004 5:19pm,
thats where we started learning it from, switching grips that is, , with 'the pointy bit up' (sic) if your opponent attacks as per normal hubud, and you cycle as usual, but as soon as you do the final checking move with your left hand , he switches grips and returns a low stab to your ribs/kidneys.

one good way of training it, using training knives, is to establish which side of the blade is sharp, or if both are, as it is a whole different game when traps become cuts and vice versa

8/24/2004 6:17pm,
like you will have time for **** like that....

8/24/2004 6:23pm,
Hohohohoho at the thought of actually 'fighting' with a knife and thinking about how cool your unorthodox grip is.