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PowerHouse Reed
8/21/2004 8:10am,
The Last Dragon star Taimak has completed a script for a sequel to this 1985 cult film mix of music, comedy and martial arts.

However, the project needs the support of the fan community to convince studios to invest in it.

To offer your support for The Last Dragon II simply sign the online petition.

kungfucinema.com/ (http://www.kungfucinema.com/)

Last Dragon Petition (http://www.petitiononline.com/tldseque/petition.html)

8/21/2004 10:49am,
Nice the Last Dragon was the ****.

Sun Wukong
8/21/2004 11:02am,
Sho-nuff took they time. Damn!

Sun Wukong
8/21/2004 11:04am,
That movie was ethnic identity confusion and exploitation took to entirely new levels. But I'd still give my right eye to get into a fight with someone calling themself "The Shogun of Harlem."

A crowning achievement even if i get KTFO.

Omega Supreme
8/21/2004 8:13pm,
"I've taken it one step further.....The art of fighting without knowing how to fight!"

8/21/2004 8:13pm,
Isnt he a bit old tho ?

8/23/2004 7:27am,
That movie was great...until peopel began glowing and he catches the bullent with his teeth.
Despite all that, I would go see a sequal.