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8/16/2004 1:14pm,
Hey anyone up for a mini McThrowdown in the ATL area?

I going to be in ATL this week. Not for a good thing however. We had a passing in the family and I am coming to attend the funeral. I'm going to need something to take my mind off the mourning. (I believe in celeberating ones life not mourning his death.) The funeral is this weekend but I should be free the following week.

SOOOOO I wanted to get together with some pple in the area. Plus its an added bonus. I'm still recovering form the car accident so this is your BEST chance to get a peice of the Almighty!(Fat Chance!:p)

Anyone intrested?

8/16/2004 1:20pm,
Can you give me some dates? I need specifics to see if I can host.

8/16/2004 1:27pm,
I should be there on the 19th and leave on the 29th. Funeral is this saturday in Sout Carolina but will be back in ATL on Monday.

8/16/2004 1:45pm,
i'm in, barring scheduling issues at work. also, if i may suggest Hero + sushi while you are in :-)

edit: sometimes, i can have tunnel-vision... i am sorry for your loss. i hope looking back you have many smiles and fond memories.

8/16/2004 2:20pm,
HERO as in the movie? I've had it on DVD for a long time now. But the SUSHI is a must. period!:D

I appreciate the condolences but don't worry about me I am taking it well. Sadly I am used to it. My wife took it hard (it was her sister's husband and all were close) but she is dealing with it alot better now.

8/16/2004 2:23pm,
yes, hero the movie. it has its u.s. release on the 27th... i'm looking fwd to seeing it on the big screen.

but i will settle for just sushi :)

edit: btw, what version of the dvd do you have, b/c i have a version with crap subtitles (i think its mandarin)

8/16/2004 2:48pm,
Well I was going to suggest the 22nd or 29th because Sunday is the best day to use my gym but looks like neither day will work for you. hmmmm

8/16/2004 2:49pm,
I'll most certainly attend.

Te No Kage!
8/16/2004 3:10pm,
maybe, if it's a weekend day and I get a kitchen pass

8/16/2004 3:39pm,
Ass wipes.

8/16/2004 4:18pm,
if life permits....

8/16/2004 9:19pm,
Not likely...damn.

8/17/2004 7:44am,
I just found out I will be leaving on the 30th so the 29th will be fine.

8/17/2004 9:27am,
29th works for me (just put in for the day off from work).

When are we getting sushi? I have a place in mind near where the last throwdown was located, Mt Fuji (http://aolsvc.digitalcity.com/atlanta/dining/venue.adp?sbid=103483918). I've been going there for a while; the owner runs the sushi bar and is a cool guy. For those familiar with the area, it is by the Sam's at the Big Chicken, in the back of the shopping center where Club Foods and Mars used to be.

Edit: damn links

8/17/2004 11:27pm,
As long as they have OTORO (or just settle for TORO) I good.:D

8/18/2004 8:16am,
If we use it my gym isn't really near the last place. It's in downtown Atlanta.