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Gringo Grande
8/15/2004 3:02pm,
Ok...here is the point that I'm at in training since I became semi-serious again over the last 4 months. My striking is getting decent again (to where I might scare a small child) and my grappling has improved to the point where a BJJ white-belt probably wouldn't laugh anymore. So now we go to takedowns.

My weakness...being tall (6'6") has always been wrestling takedowns with the exception of an ankle pick (long arms). If I'm trying to transition from standup to the ground (takedowns) I end up in a terrible position for the most part. After reading some posts on Bullshido about the effectiveness of some Judo throws for taller people I sought out someone with Judo expertise to get some skinny.

Owww....goddamn. The gentleman I had the privilege of working with is a 2nd generation Judoka who has competed in multiple tournaments and at the age of 32 had 29 years of experience under his belt. The guy was a foot shorter and 80 pounds lighter than me and goddamn did he have incredible control (he also has a wrestling backround). I didn't expect to be able to beat him but I thought I'd be able to put forth a better showing than I did...although I will add that we were rolling in gi's which I am totally not used to...all my taps were from being suffocated by that f'in gi! :)

Honestly thought, I went in with an open mind and no ego and learned a lot in three hours and will be training with this guy and his students at least once a week. I think the takedowns will be very effective for me, but I was more impressed with the scarf-hold control that this guy had. All in all a good experience and I'm glad I followed some fellow Bullshido'ers recomendation to check out Judo.

Gringo Grande

8/15/2004 3:06pm,
glad you had fun. and kesa is t3h r0xX0r :-)

The Mad Hatter
8/15/2004 3:07pm,
Good info and a good story ... but this guy started traing at 3?!

Blue Flames
8/15/2004 3:08pm,
getting choked by gis is a common technique in judo and JJJ. i mean common though, lets why dont people fight in a gi/shirt. hmmmmmmm

8/15/2004 3:09pm,
i mean common though, lets why dont people fight in a gi/shirt. hmmmmmmm

8/15/2004 3:22pm,
Originally posted by Blue Flames
getting choked by gis is a common technique in judo and JJJ. i mean common though, lets why dont people fight in a gi/shirt. hmmmmmmm


Are you saying that you can't choke pple w/o the gi?

I choked pple in t-shirts!

8/15/2004 3:53pm,
I've clock chocked with a t-shirt too.

Don't know what the comment meant.

8/15/2004 4:03pm,
maybe he fights topless men in clubs

8/15/2004 4:08pm,
If it's that kind of club just choke with the bow tie...

8/15/2004 4:10pm,
scarf hold with a silk scarf. silky submission. ph33r my thooper thtyle.

8/15/2004 4:16pm,
Glad your getting back into training full time gringo. Is that why I never see you around here so much? You seem to be pretty busy training, which is awsome. I hope everything continues to go well bro. :)

8/15/2004 4:21pm,
I trained judo for about a year when I was about 8. I was pretty f'in fat back then and I didn't like it. Now I don't remember a single move.. But maybe judo would be something to try now when I've gotten some insight in the world of MMA...

Gringo Grande
8/15/2004 4:40pm,
Haha...the fat comment did make me think of one thing...Saturday is their "relaxed" unofficial training day...but everyone I saw training was a good 20+ pounds overweight. I've noticed that in a lot of Judo pictures as well...that everyone seems a bit...ahhh...heavier than most BJJ guys.

I have a passing familiarity with gi chokes and he didn't get me with any of those...well collar chokes...basically he'd get the scarfhold and pull me up and just smother me...it sucked! :) Even though the instructor has done some no gi work and would still school me, his students aren't allowed to do no gi so I'm pretty confident I'd beat most of them no gi. I have worn a gi doing BJJ *MAYBE* 10 times and that was over a year ago...I forgot how much slower and technical it was...it made it difficult to pull off some moves and put me in bad situations several times because of that. However I recognize that a little gi training will help my game so I'm open to humiliation :)

I've also choked my fair share of people with a shirt...the first blue belt I ever "tapped" was wearing a t-shirt and since he was whupping me ass I choked him with his shirt. He then proceeded to take his shirt off and REALLY whip my ass! :)

Deluxe - More work related than training related...I'm on a computer a good 14 hours a day...I'm in negotiations with a rather large franchise to do some work for them, negotiating with a decent-sized pet food company on some other work, and just finished some things for a loan company that does several billion a year in business. I'm kind of worried that I might end up being a respectable business owner in the near future =/ I will call you when I'm down South though...heh.

Gringo Grande

Gringo Grande
8/15/2004 4:43pm,
PS: For those who questioned...yes his Dad was a life long Judoka and black belt...hence his training since Age 3...much like a Gracie. Supposedly his Father holds some tournament up North or used to or something that was pretty well known. I know he has competed against some Olympians and was the recipient of a dislocated shoulder from some 225 pound Olympian at one time. I forget the instructors last name (first is Larry) but I told him to hang out at Bullshido as he taked the same view as the community does here about...well Bullshido. So hopefully we will have some new members and maybe we'll get a Gainesville Throwdown set up one of these days.

Gringo Grande

Blue Flames
8/15/2004 6:25pm,
OK then let me rephrase that. MMA fighters will usually go into a ring without a shirt becuase A they get hot and 2 they can get choked by there own shirt. not to say you couldnt choke somone with a shirt cuz you defintely can. but im saying, not ALL gi chokes work with shirts. most of them do though.

8/15/2004 7:16pm,
Originally posted by Asia

Are you saying that you can't choke pple w/o the gi?

I choked pple in t-shirts!

I've also throwm people in t-shirts. The shirt gets ripped to hell, but the person still hits the ground hard. :-)