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8/14/2004 3:48pm,
What is the foot/hand positioning, weighting, etc. in the basic (standing) guard stance for the style(s) you train in? What are your thoughts on this?

8/14/2004 4:20pm,
Kinda like a peekaboo boxing style, but sometimes I will lean back in my peekaboo more like Wanderlei if I want to trade kicks.

Roidie McDouchebag
8/14/2004 4:41pm,
Hands up, protecting my head, if I'm grappling, I put my hands out in front of me more since I don't have to defend strikes...but in general, hands up like a Thai boxer.

8/14/2004 4:44pm,
On top of all of your mothers.

Mr. Mantis
8/14/2004 4:59pm,
No rhythm. Hands circle. Feet moving, staggering, no bouncing.

8/14/2004 5:09pm,
Boxing stance, that you modify as the situation changes. Hand go up like a Thai boxer to destroy, otherwise boxing shell is standard.

Only weirdness -- to facilitate trapping, keep the dominant hand forward.

8/14/2004 5:36pm,
The traditional thai hunched over stance

8/14/2004 6:10pm,
My main base is from Aikido, so Southpaw stance and hands floating in front of the sternum. I'm trying hard to shake this and use an orthodox boxing stance, but its not easy to shake the last 3 years of training in a couple of months.

8/14/2004 6:12pm,
I've modified my wing chun stance, I like the guard so I kept that, but I like to have freedom of movement so I dont do the whole pigeon toe thing so much. I also step a bit more rather than drag my feet. Works for me...

8/14/2004 6:55pm,
If you don't use boxing or MT-style hand positioning, please explain why what you do works better for you.

8/14/2004 7:04pm,
I like the wc guard because if you just keep it out you can block or at least take some of the power off the punches an average guy will throw at you in my experience anyway. Then again, the guys i have fought are just wild swingers. Until i get my ass beaten by some guy who knows what hes doin im keepin this guard.

For those of you who arent familiar with it its like this:
_____ll__O the arms guarding the center, one ahead of the other at just below chest height.

Flames/suggestions welcome...

8/14/2004 7:09pm,
Relaxed full cover out, mostly crossed-armed in. Body practically square-on. Don't know why, but starting adopting these @ around 28, before it was an ordinary boxing guard/stance.

8/14/2004 7:10pm,
Surely the point of the guard is to protect your head/face first and then the weaker areas of your body, this is achieved by tucking the elbows in, head down - hunching helps because your hands can cover more of an area of your body, In a wing chun guard with both hands around the solar plexus area (right?) you are leaving your head and face wide open.

8/14/2004 7:10pm,

raise them arms. You got to guard your head man.

edit: slow writer. Dark Majique beat me there.

8/14/2004 7:27pm,
yep dark majique you're right about the wing chun guard guarding the solar plexus. As for the head thing i havent really had the problem as the punches im throwing kind of protect that area aswell, but i can see some scenarios where id be leaving myself open for a knockout punch.

anyway, the place im learning at is a textbook mcdojo and im gonna check out a place that teaches muay thai, bjj and wrestling (seperately, or as a mma, you get access to all the classes) so i might be altering it soon. thanks for the help

8/14/2004 7:31pm,
Originally posted by philby909090
As for the head thing i havent really had the problem as the punches im throwing kind of protect that area

How is this?