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8/10/2004 11:12pm,
Ok, like the title says, any suggestions?

I was looking at these:


But I'm worried that there's too much padding over the second finger joint and I won't be able to make a tight fist.

I was going to get the Ouano bag gloves, but they don't have the bag glove in XL. I'm not sure I want to pay $60 for the Ouano competition gloves.

So, what do you guy use? Any suggestions?

p.s. I decided to start a new thread because the other threads I found were kind of old and some manufacturers (Ouano e.g.) have come out with new designs.

Also, do you wrap under the glove, or do you just wear the glove?

8/10/2004 11:35pm,
I use that glove. I cut out the grip bar, and it was pretty decent. I can make a pretty decent fist with it. I don't wear wraps. My knuckles tend to bleed though.

Carpe Noctem
8/11/2004 3:08am,
I have the Century version. Didn't know Harbinger made them too...

Yeah, cut out the grip bar and you're cool. I've used mine for ohh, four or five years now. No problems. :)

8/11/2004 3:31am,
MIne came with a velcro detachable grip bar! Nyah hah!

8/11/2004 8:07am,
Ok, thanks for the replies. I guess I'll get the harbingers.

8/11/2004 8:22am,
What is the purpose of those bars and why does everyone cut them out?

8/11/2004 8:25am,
I have a pair.
I think they run kinda big.
I removed the bar too.
Removing the bar made them feel a little bigger so watch out if they are loose.

8/11/2004 8:34am,
Originally posted by Kidnemo
What is the purpose of those bars and why does everyone cut them out?
It's a safety thing. The idea is that, having the bar to roll your fingers onto when making a fist strengthens the hand by making it into a more solid mass. Thus safer for punching a bag, which doesn't have as much give as a body would.

8/11/2004 11:35am,
For bagwork, I do the harbinger minus the grip bar as well. I do have some problems still with the knuckles bleeding but I don't have any discomfort in my hands or wrists so I don't wrap my hands (the harbingers seem to have the built-in wrist support). If I'm just using regular old 10$ bag gloves, I'll be sure to wrap.

8/11/2004 12:15pm,
I also use the century ones. If you're using it on the bag they're fine, but don't hard spar with them. Not very comfy on your opponents face.

Here's a link to a review:

8/11/2004 4:03pm,
Originally posted by Twitch

I was going to get the Ouano bag gloves, but they don't have the bag glove in XL. I'm not sure I want to pay $60 for the Ouano competition gloves.
Any gloves you buy from Ouano are well worth the investment.

Originally posted by Twitch

So, what do you guy use? Any suggestions?
I use the Ouano 8oz. gloves he designed for use in Texas MMA competitions. They've got a nice heft to them that's great for bag work.

Originally posted by Twitch
Also, do you wrap under the glove, or do you just wear the glove? For what it's worth, I just asked John Ouano about this last week and he told me that Tito at least occasionally tapes his hands under the gloves.


Jaguar Wong
8/11/2004 4:42pm,
NHB_Ben, your knuckles bleed even with the glove on? Wow I'm really lacking punching power then :) . I usually get some bruising/abrasions between my fingers with gloves on, but I think I stop far before any bleeding starts. Also, the second knuckle on my right hand gets pretty sore after using the gloves. Of course I'm not a pro fighter, so my bagwork is much lighter, not very long, and spread out too long between sessions (I don't even have it hanging at my new house).

Does anyone "hard spar" with the MMA style gloves? We do medium head (bordering on light with many of the newer boys and girls) and hard body contact, but I was wondering if anyone (I'm sure J-Lau does) goes hard or full to the head with them on? We all pretty much use the NAGA gloves (similar to the Ouanos, but cheaper leather, and much more affordable), but a friend of mine uses the Century MMA glove (the actual gloves he competes with).

A side note...I tried a pair of the Ouano KOTC gloves, and I gotta say that the $60 pricetag is well worth the quality of the glove and leather. It's a very nice glove, and if you can swing it, I would get them (I get the NAGA ones for $25/pair, since I convinced all the guys in my group to join in on the order for the bulk rates).

Ming Loyalist
8/11/2004 4:52pm,
any reason you guys don't use boxing style bag gloves? you're hitting a bag, it's not like you need to be able to grapple it.

also i hear that most boxers/mt fighters train with large gloves (14oz or 16oz) then fight with 8oz or 10oz gloves because they will be faster with the smaller gloves having trained with the large ones.

under that theory, at least for bag work, wouldn't it be good to use boxing gloves at least some of the time?

oh and i do a mixture of bare knuckle, mma glove and boxing glove bag work myself (bare knuckle to condition my hands, mma glove to get used to using them and boxing glove for the above reason.)

8/13/2004 4:19am,
I guess if they decide to go into MMA competition in the future, or they decide to grapple, they'll have a nice worn in pair of gloves.

I'm not comfortable wearing real boxing gloves when I hit the bag, I like to feel every shot and know whether my technique is good. I spar with 16oz. gloves, but in actual fights, fighters tend to wear 8/10oz. gloves. With half the weight on your hands, after being so used to the 16, it does make a difference.