View Full Version : Fairtexgear Question

8/09/2004 1:45pm,
Has anyone ever ordered anything from Fairtex that was on backorder? How long did it take for them to ship it out?

I ordered a 6-foot Muay Thai heavy bag that was out of stock. I'm just curious if anyone knows how long it takes for them to restock.


The Mad Hatter
8/09/2004 1:56pm,
Well, they are waiting just like you are. They have to wait for their distributor to send them the **** so they can mail your order out to you. Every time I order stuff from anywhere and it goes on backorder I usually scream in fury because of the indefinate nature of the dreaded "backorderd" notice.

8/09/2004 1:58pm,
I have a Fairtex bannana bag and its great. I also have some muay thai pads from them. They're pretty old and I don't remember waiting more than 2 weeks for it.

8/09/2004 9:35pm,
2 words, BUY RINGSIDE. Got my stuff immediately.