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12/28/2002 1:33pm,
With all the questions that come about on this forum about internal and external systems. It would be helpful to be able to post questions to some of the people teaching the various styles. For example, I mentioned William CC Chen in a earlier thread. It would be great to allow members to post there questions to him, and allow him to respond through the forum either while on line with us or present him with the questions and post his response. There are many others who I would think people would like to pose questions to. Could this be arranged? You could let us know who ad when they would be active in the forum or how ever the format would be and we could enter are questions.

12/28/2002 2:45pm,
I'm afraid that people like Sihon Lowe of Kyokushin would regard this request as both puzzling and a waste of time. If you wanted to learn, go to the dojo and learn. Or atleast go read some books first in order to ask meaningful questions.

We had a Tai-chi master give a very good demo once in the Wado Ryu dojo and when asked what was better, his art or ours, the Sihon replied that on that level, there was no difference.

"A lot of people spend a lot of time arguing about what style is better. This is a complete waste of time." Oyama

12/28/2002 2:48pm,
I've read the books. I have read alot of information. Going to there schools whould be a viable options, but in my area not alot of Tai Chi schools exist. But I am not talking about only Tai Chi. Just thought it might be interesting to give everyone an opportunity to ask questions.

12/28/2002 2:58pm,
The big question is who do you get that would a) be prepared to do it, and b) would actually be respected by the various factions of this board.

12/28/2002 3:08pm,
Dudes and Dudesses,

How about we pick a McDojo Squad that tries out all the popular or quesionable systems and then we talk about the goods and bad on the site after we done their thing.

Phrost Man can pick a Squad Leader and then we can call the Lead Guy and ask if we can attenda Free of training class and we promise to be straigh-up about it.

Now that means that we will have to expose our secret self. I'm down with that how about the parnoid Harbor, of the Tool Guy or Wastrel or Van, of PeeDee or KungFool, or FuFu..............

Phrost give the order and name the dudes and I will make the calls to who ever and then lets stop trashing and do some crashing.

12/28/2002 3:38pm,
Hey.... who told you my real name....

12/28/2002 4:17pm,
I am lucky to train under a respected Uk instructor who teaches both Karate and Tai Chi; He explains to newcomers that the Karate he teaches starts off "hard' and gets progressively 'softer' as the student progresses, while Tai Chi starts 'soft' and gets progressively hard as the student learns fighting applications. Both arts should end up meeting at a similar level, where there is no hard or soft, just appropriate force.

The Wastrel
12/28/2002 9:56pm,
Tart-Do, who's paranoid? Additionally, I've never made the claim that Tai Ji's usefulness is non-existent. I've just said that it does not require "qi" to explain it. I am also recovering from a pretty serious rotator cuff injury, otherwise I would be willing. I don't really have a particular interest in concealing my identity...

**The most miraculous power that can verifiably be attributed to "chi" is its ability to be all things to virtually all people, depending on what version of the superstition they are attempting to defend at any given moment.**

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