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Beatdown Richie
7/30/2004 10:57pm,
translated from a German newspaper article

Beauty Queen beats up attackers

The two men probably did not expect this when they attacked the slender woman: the 20-year-old beauty queen of the Dominican Republic has not only mastered the art of the charming smile, but also Judo.

Santo Domingo - Larissa del Mar Fiallo suspects that the two men tried to kidnap her. Yesterday afternoon the strangers tried to push her into a car on a shopping street in Santo Domingo. "I defended myself. Then they started beating me." Fiallo - a classical ballerina who also trains in Judo - nevertheless managed to fight back and escape: "I threw the bigger guy, three times."

She suffered bruises and cuts on the back, in the face, and on the arms. She is still being treated in a hospital, but will probably be released tomorrow. [...]

Traditional Tom
7/30/2004 11:35pm,
wow, those guys really suck, and that makes it really funny :D

Deadpan Scientist
7/30/2004 11:48pm,

7/30/2004 11:59pm,
Two grown men couldn't take down a women ? Judo or no Judo it still dosen't add up.

7/31/2004 12:11am,
Originally posted by brandeissansoo

7/31/2004 1:53am,
What a bunch of dumbfucks. I kinda agree with Hannibal, but on the other hand, not a lot of criminals are smart enough to know how to attack in groups. Props to the queen.

8/01/2004 1:49am,
Judo or no, you just don't **** with latinas. What were they thinking?

8/03/2004 3:17pm,
No doubt latin women are not ones to be messed with. Why is it that in most of these defense storys Judo seems to be the art of choice?

8/03/2004 3:31pm,
Originally posted by 5FingazofDeath
Why is it that in most of these defense storys Judo seems to be the art of choice?
I would attribute it to the fact that judo is by far the most widely practiced martial art.

8/04/2004 3:37am,
Not to mention that strategically, 'throw someone on the ground while remaining standing' is just about the best move you can make, even if you have to do it a few times.

Also, Judo is laughably easy to do on people who have no base, which is everyone who doesn't fight except some kinds of athlete.

I believe this is a large part of why Judo is the most widely practiced martial art.

8/04/2004 7:34am,
She posess great skill.
Latina judoka !!!

8/04/2004 9:44am,
If they were pushing her that was how she got them. Grabbing and or pushing a Judoka is not such a good idea.

Matt Bernius
8/04/2004 12:56pm,
If you read the whole article a couple things come across. It wasn't so much that she put the guys down as she managed not to get kidnapped. She stated that she defended herself and then they started to beat her. Nothing is mentioned in there that they caught the guys who tried it.

I'd imagine that she did throw them a few times and they started to rain punches on her (considering that she hand brusing on her back). She probably created enough distance that she could run and they opted to abandon the kidnapping (due to all the resistance).

Still, considering that she wasn't kidnapped, didn't end up seriously injured, and fought off multiple opponents I don't think we should really be splitting hairs.

Psycho Dad
8/04/2004 9:40pm,
Originally posted by cafezinho
Judo or no, you just don't **** with latinas. What were they thinking?

Let's not forget that Lorena Bobbit is a Latina and we all know what she did. :eek:

Beatdown Richie
8/05/2004 3:34pm,
What Matt said. When a woman escapes from an assault by two men with a couple of bruises, and manages to do some damage in the process, I count that as a W.

8/26/2004 1:27am,
Damn. Not bad. I wouldn't mind rolling with her.