View Full Version : Door to door gun confiscation!

7/30/2004 9:33pm,
Very, very disturbing story. This absolutely floored me. It shows law abiding gun owners just how easily a gun seizure can take place. I know punchingdummy and DonGwinn will definitley find this one interesting.


What in God's name is going on in this town? First off, I want to say that I generally support police officers and I think most police departments, at least in my neck of the woods, do as good a job as they can with the budgets that they have. They are generally good men and women that do an impossible job, but this situation is unacceptable. These officers violated the 2nd and 4th Amendments, basically quarantining these citizens and unlawfully seizing their firearms. Even if they did find the shooter, the actions of the police could have any real evidence thrown out and the shooter could walk.

Another thing that disturbs me is that some of these citizens agreed to let the cops search their homes. In some parts of the country, this would invoke an armed insurgency. They only had warrants for two homes, so if I wasn't one of those home-owners, no way in hell would I have let them search my living quarters. I would've told these cops to suck my cock and force them to toss my ****, knowing that there will be a huge sum of money for me in court down the road. Now that I'm sitting here thinking about it, if anybody unlawfully enters my dwelling, they had better come in guns-a-blazing if they want to live because I'll be putting .308's downrange as quick as I can grab my HK-91. The police offered the community an "apology" and in my book, that doesn't cut it. Some lawyer should have a field day with this. I can only hope that this encourages stronger 2nd Amendment rights.

7/30/2004 9:50pm,
If this is accurate, I second your opine.

7/30/2004 10:56pm,
WTF? I understand the rage that LEOs should rightly have after such a crime, but somebody in that PD has some explaining to do.....

7/30/2004 11:11pm,
I can only hope the press screwed up this story and we aren't seeing all the facts. It gives LEO's a bad rap when a few idiots screw it up for everyone else. Also, my best wishes to the LEO who was shot.

7/31/2004 7:53am,
...and it was not all the LEOs on the force. There was probably and over-eager boss and or investigator who made a bad judgment. The LEOs who actually made the confiscations were directed to do so...if this is actually true, that is.