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7/30/2004 8:24pm,
I just wondered if people would like to add to my growing list of "dirty pool" tactics.
The groin attacks of olde include, of course, every martial art to date, and are taught in every martial arts school, either intentionally as an effective mode of attack, or by some horrible accident where they learn first hand it's economy and ease.

From Indonesia and the Phillipines;
-sepa kicks to the groin

-toe lifting front kicks to lift the opponent's sarong, and do damage en masse.

-groin grabs- ala kino mutai

-slaps- like what all the guys I know dub something I refuse to type on a messageboard.

From the Thailand and Burma;

-the infamous knee-to-nut combination.

From Japan, Korea, China;

-soccer style kicks to the netherlands

-or snap kicks to the snickle pickle.

From Sonny Chiba movies;

the straight "rip off " see "Street Fighter" w/ Sonny Chiba for visual aide.

Te No Kage!
7/30/2004 11:00pm,
I'll go first.

7/30/2004 11:02pm,
My version of ro-sham-bo is hitting you in the fingers with a cinder block so you stop posting.

I'll go first. And second.

7/30/2004 11:04pm,
well...I guess since you're the only one to even respond to this column, you can explain to me whether or not it's a valid thread. Or did I just about cover every method?

Te No Kage!
7/30/2004 11:30pm,
I was the first to respond, and if we're going to ro sham bo, then I go first

Traditional Tom
7/30/2004 11:38pm,
After you go first, concede, and walk away, your a winner anyways!

Theres a time and a place for groin kicks
Good Time - A serious, or even 1 vs 1 fight
Very, very bad time - When surrounded by opponents friends

basically when there are no witnesses, almost anything goes, when there are, you have to win, but not in the dirty fashion :D

7/31/2004 10:36pm,

Traditional Tom
7/31/2004 11:58pm,
nicely put indestruct

8/01/2004 2:16am,
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8/01/2004 5:04am,
So, why the obsession with touching other man's dicks?

8/01/2004 5:24am,
is that a come on?

8/01/2004 5:24am,
no means no, asshole!

8/01/2004 5:41am,
Wow...that was clever of you and very original.

Notice how he dodges the issue of his desire to touch other mens cocks.

8/01/2004 5:50am,
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8/01/2004 6:17am,
Yeah, because I am the one who starts the thread that EVERYONE who posted on it talks about how retarded it is.

8/01/2004 6:30am,
and my other threads? what's your reason for that?