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7/30/2004 6:06pm,
Well as many of you know (or don't) I turn 18 this year. And the great thing about this is, I get to pick a political party. Of course, my family being full of convservative Republicans want me to go with them on that happy bandwagon. I have my misgivings about both major political parties though.

My question is: For all of you that CAN vote, whats your opinion on the parties out there? I don't want "The Republicans are fuckin morons" and so on, I mean actual reasons for what you think of each side...input is great as it will help me determine what I choose.

7/30/2004 6:11pm,
I signed as a democrat, but having had 4 years to think on it I wish I'd put down independant.

I tend to agree more witht he dems than the reps, but still, they've both been aggravating lately.

7/30/2004 6:11pm,
The left are communists and the right are fascists. So remember, Hitler was a fascist. Don't be like Hitler.

7/30/2004 6:15pm,
Yeah, but Mao and Stalin were communists..... go figure.....

7/30/2004 6:21pm,
Originally posted by Dai-Tenshi
Yeah, but Mao and Stalin were communists..... go figure.....

You're only saying that because you hate jews.

7/30/2004 6:23pm,
LOL! As funny as this thread quickly became, two minutes ago, I seriously want some help from you guys.

7/30/2004 6:27pm,
I think the important thing is to find the centrists from each party, and see whether they represent you.

7/30/2004 6:52pm,
What I ask myself is the following:

If each political party got "basically" everything they wanted, which world would I prefer to live in.

I vote Republican. Draw your own conclusions.

7/30/2004 7:26pm,
HA! How quickly I forget. Just pulled out my voter registration card, turns out I put down independant after all.

What a loon I am ^_^

Mr. Mantis
7/30/2004 7:31pm,

Be an informed voter. Read the position statements of the individuals and vote for you you agree with most. I prefer the local races, because it is easier to track them down at a fund raiser and go over some issues.

As far as registering all that is for is statistics. It doesn't really matter, but, my advice to you is that you go independent.

Then, in this coming election, you can vote for whoever you want. Then, when the next primary comes around, you can look at all the candidates, decide which ones you are most interested in and pick your affiliation again.

The thing is that you will only be able to vote in accordance with one party's picks in a primary only, get it?

7/30/2004 7:45pm,
bring back ROSS PEROT and the trickle down economics lol.

Roidie McDouchebag
7/31/2004 8:09am,
I'd wait until the day of the election to actually make up your mind this time. I doubt you'll find either party is any good...always vote for the man, not the party.

7/31/2004 8:14am,
No no no, I have no intention of sticking to one party just because I'm part of it.

But do you think its a wasted voted if I go for Ralph Nader?

Roidie McDouchebag
7/31/2004 8:16am,
Nader? Yes. All independents...YES! It really is pointless except at a local level...protest votes are for fools.

Mr. Mantis
7/31/2004 9:11am,
A vote for Nader is literally a vote for Nader, but actually a vote for Bush. If that makes any sense to you.

The vote is not wasted per se. Maybe some day we can shed these partys, and voting outside of the big two will only show a leaning of people in the nation. Society as a whole is too gutless to vote for an independent on a national level, because they feel they would be wasting their vote.

So if you vote for an independent on the national level, in this day and age, you are voting against the person who thinks most like your pick, reasoning that if you did not vote for the independent, you would have voted for that person.

So in this instance, my guess is that if you vote for Nader, you will vote against Kerry.

7/31/2004 9:13am,
I understand completely what your saying Mr Mantis, I think I'll be voting for one of the big two, all though I prefer Nader.

Guess what? I ain't voting for Bush.