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7/28/2004 10:26am,
Shopkeeper cleared in death
Robbery suspect, 24, fatally beaten by owner
No charges will be laid, Toronto police say

A Scarborough clothing store owner is in the clear for beating a robbery suspect to death last spring.

Three men walked in to Manhattan's Fine Clothing Store at 3601 Lawrence Ave. E. on March 24, shortly before noon, planning to rob the hip-hop fashion store.

But the plan went awry when the 28-year-old owner fought back with a pipe, fatally wounding one of the men while the others fled. Kayan Kayson Smith, 24, died of "blunt force head injuries" an autopsy found.

Members of the Toronto Police Service, coroner's office and Centre of Forensic Sciences conducted an extensive investigation.

"Upon review of said investigations by the crown attorney's office, it has been determined that in the specific circumstances of this case there would be no reasonable prospect of a conviction should charges be laid against the store owner. Therefore, no charges will be laid," Toronto police said in a written statement.

Homicide Detective Sergeant Frank Skubic has said that the issue was whether the shop owner was justified in using the force that he did under the circumstances.

Lawyer Marshall Sack, who was retained by the unidentified store owner in the event charges were laid, said yesterday his "faith in the Toronto Police Service and the crown's office in doing the right thing is justified.

"I told my client from the beginning not to worry, they will do the right thing and I was right," Sack said, adding his client was hit three or four times in the head during the clash.

Sack said he is still trying to reach his client, who is out of the country on business.

Police officers have arrested and charged two of Smith's alleged accomplices with robbery while armed with a firearm.


Nice. He attacked not only a guy with a gun, but multiple assailants!

Scarlem is quite a rough area!

7/28/2004 11:04am,
I had a close friend many years ago who was a tough bastard in the 6'3" 220# range. One day someone decided to even their odds by sneaking up on him with a pipe. My friend died after hanging on in a coma for several weeks.

The moral of the story is that ANY weapon - even if it was not designed to be a weapon - is dangerous.

8/01/2004 1:34am,
I dont get it....

theres no martial arts involved...?


Heheh the guy got clubed with a pipe... teach him to point a gun at some one.

8/01/2004 7:03am,
Let's simplify it for you:

weapon>empty hand

weapon+sneak>MA knowledge+shooting skills