View Full Version : shooto gloves vs Karate Mitts

7/27/2004 2:18pm,
They are very similar in design both http://www.karate-mart.com/vinclosfinch.html these are the karate gloves They are way cheaper and offer what looks like better protection to your sparring partner. Looks like you could grapple almost as well with them as shooto gloves. what are your guys opinion?

7/27/2004 2:23pm,
Hahaha, that place is called Karate-Mart.

7/27/2004 2:30pm,
These will probably last you....5 months.

7/28/2004 12:14am,
I bet if you try to slap someone with the back of your hand with them, they'll bust into a million pieces and Ashida Kim will start leaking out.

7/28/2004 2:45am,
As well as being cheap, they're probably too cumbersome for any good grappling.

7/28/2004 8:31am,
yeah I think you guys are right, Just thought I'd ask (I'm cheap).

8/05/2004 6:15am,
having used TKD mitts and gloves- although without the thumb extension, I prefer the gloves. The mitts don't really take all that much out of an impact. Only drawback is, the sparring gloves we use in wado have this little 'edge' that projects past the knuckles, which you can catch somebody's eye with if you're not careful (sobbing 6 year old- sorry! sorry!).

8/05/2004 6:16am,
I can see that little strap getting torn off very easily.

8/05/2004 6:35am,
there's a big, bulky strap on the wrist and two more on the fingers isn't there?

8/08/2004 1:52pm,
I'd say get some proper shooto gloves.

1) Those mitts extend way past your fingers, I'd imagine this might make grabbing quite difficult.

2) Mitts such as those approved by the WKF (which don't extend past the fingers and have no thumb guard) are designed to allow a certain degree of grabbing, but they are knocked loose relatively easy - the have elasticaed straps at the end of the fingers which can slip over you fingers.