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7/27/2004 6:14am,
HOLY ****!


7/27/2004 9:02am,
Weird...I can't find the translated version anywhere. A friend of mine sent it to me, I will ask where he got it when he gets on.

New opening too.

7/28/2004 4:27am,
Yeah, that has to be Hohenheim.

This is their chance to make the series legendary. It will all depend on the final character interactions. I am particularly interested in the Hohenheim/Envy/Fuhrer section, which has to happen next. I'm assuming they've got something big planned for the finale.

Speaking of which...Is Envy supposed to be an "it" or something?

7/28/2004 4:41am,
What is this, a competition to see who can post about the latest ep first?


I got a friend who downloads anime like it's his job, pretty sure he's got a bunch of this, I'll check this out.

7/28/2004 9:29am,
Ah havent even got 41 yet, this is the only way I remember what number Im up to and when it comes out. Heh, thanks guys :)

7/28/2004 5:08pm,
Dammit, maybe we've seen episodes subbed by different groups, but I can't recall them ever placing a gender on him. I've only heard them use his name. Oh, and the time you're referring to is when Envy first showed that he was pretending to be the priest in Lior. Lust made a comment about liking to look young.

7/28/2004 5:17pm,
Does this also mean that Al is super powerful now or something? Hence why he's throwing that boulder in the opening?

deus ex machina
7/28/2004 6:04pm,
where to get k thx