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Gypsy Jazz
7/27/2004 1:49am,
A few years back I was going to this local shotokan place pretty regularly. I was pretty happy with everything that was going on there at the time because I still didn't know enough to know better. We practiced semi-realistic ways to escape standing grabs every so often, but of course being a shotokan dojo, it was all very light, or no contact.

Before I continue, I must give a little background on Kenny. Kenny was a fairly small (maybe 5' 6") Japanese man in his mid twenties who probably weighed around 160 lbs. Kenny also had/has downs syndrome. For whatever reason he was taken weekly to classes by his care taker/parent and attended classes with me. Despite his downs syndrome, Kenny could generate a lot of power. At least it seemed like a lot of power because I was about 13 at the time. Or maybe it was because he didn't know how to hold back. Back to the story.

One night we focused on escaping some one choking you from the back. The escape was to heel stomp on your attacker’s toes, twice, elbow directly back into their ribs twice and then pulling down on their shoulders kneeing them in the groin or midsection. So with my luck...I was paired with Kenny for this wonderful drill. He was the first fake attacker and I did everything as instructed until the sensei had seen and approved of my technique and then we would switch. So I lightly wrap my arm around Kenny's neck and we begin. For those of you who couldn't see this coming, I'm sure this will come as a shock. My light contact shotokan school suddenly turned full contact all too fast. He stomped my foot hard and fast causing me to cringe and before I could interrupt he elbowed me swiftly in the gut, and damn were his elbows pointy. I saw his hands go out to reach for my shoulders and I considered clocking him to stop what I thought was about to come...then remembered he had downs syndrome and just as I saw his knee coming up I took a huge step back. But of course, since it was Kenny, sensei didn't have to approve of his actions. After that was the one time in my life I was glad to be doing katas.

Looking back this story still makes me laugh, and I can only assume that others have had experiences in training that at least have some comic value. I have a few others myself, only they don't seem as funny without having seen them yourself or knowing the people involved.

7/27/2004 1:59am,
/\ Get cancer

7/27/2004 2:09am,
Of the testicular variety.

7/27/2004 2:18am,
Originally posted by Gypsy Jazz
A few years back I was going to this local shotokan place pretty regularly.

Oh my God, stop, you're killing me! I think I cracked a rib laughing so hard!

7/27/2004 2:38am,
When I was taking American Karate (10, 11 years old) this kid with whom I had a petty rivalry decided to join. When we sparred together, we tried to use the techniques being taught to us to beat the **** out of eachother. Well, the techniques were ineffective, to say the least, though snot was seen to fly around.

7/27/2004 2:38am,
It's kind of funny when I look back on it.

7/27/2004 4:08am,
Ned, you're a terrible human being.

Let's see, funny training momments... I guess any time I spend using nunchaku...... yeah, that's REAL funny. >_<

Tell jokes and things all the time, talk about things, laugh at awkward positions (north-suth anyone?), but I can't think of some great hilarious momment to share..... drat.

7/27/2004 5:29am,
A woman heeled me in the jaw doing an armbar before.

I also got elbowed in the teeth when someone tried a choke. (This was in the same BJJ class)

Did I mention... this was my VERY FIRST CLASS? :D

7/27/2004 5:44am,
My friend broke wind while pinning me down with his ass in the general direction of my face. The guy's got the worst wind in the world from 10 meters away. Needless to say... tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.

7/27/2004 9:07am,
Any time I heard someone say "Well Bruce Lee always said....." of "it worked for Bruce Lee" or "I consider Bruce Lee the greatest martial artist of ALL TIME, so I agree with him when he said...."

I thought THAT was funny. So, it takes a dead actor to explain a technique? That is so pathetic it is funny.

7/27/2004 9:25am,
The other day hedgehogey gave me a wet willy while we were rolling.

*stuffs the end of his t-shirt in his ear*

7/27/2004 12:34pm,
A couple weeks ago I was working on some standup grappling. I ended up losing my balance during technique, hitting the ground and taking my partner with me, who still had the lock on me but ended up trapped under my body somehow as well.

We had literlly pinned each other to the ground. On the one hand, no one else seemed to notice, but it actually took a few moments for us to free ourselves of each other :-D

7/27/2004 2:26pm,
ralph gracie farted in my face. i was in the middle of passing his guard and he let one go. (i should say he was "letting me" pass his guard) it seemed to be on accident as he apologized, but it may have been some kind of haze. i thought it was disgusting, yet funny, and I almost felt honored.