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7/24/2004 7:00am,
Could someone give me some links to websites that explain the physics of martial arts. I've googled it and all i got were book selling sites that sold books about the physics of martial arts and very little actual informative websites.

7/24/2004 7:02am,
There's no shame in buying a book.

7/24/2004 7:03am,
The physics of martial arts?

7/24/2004 7:17am,
I'm thinking he means body mechanics and form in striking.

7/24/2004 7:22am,
Sorry but buying books online isn't an option for me.

7/24/2004 7:36am,
Note the name of one of those books, head to local book shop to see if it's there and take a look. Otherwise, I can't help you. Sorry.

7/24/2004 8:24am,
Unless you can find something special, I'd stay away from physics books relating directly to martial arts. Go buy a proper college level engineering dynamics book that covers momentum/collision, structures and kinematics. You might be able to find some info on the web, but web site info can be a little dodgy sometimes.

7/24/2004 10:17am,
I'm with Halogen on this one. Just take a basics physics class or buy one of the books and study it. Don't get the ones that say "The Physics of Martial Arts", because 90% of the time its going to be some dumbshit Tae Kwon Do 20th Degree Black Belt telling you how to move faster in 'his' view. The physics of generating power and speed at the same time is no secret, so go learn some physics.

7/24/2004 1:00pm,
ugh, this crap again?

7/24/2004 1:31pm,
Avoid 'the secrets of judo', or whatever the name of judo physics book is. Its quite horrid.

7/24/2004 2:24pm,
DUDE! Just ask Tai-Gip! He's got all the "facts"!

7/24/2004 2:52pm,
Try just looking for the "physics of sports", I'll try to find the good website I saw a while back about the physics of baseball.

Bascially, the structural limits of the human body are tested in any physical competition, so any of the info is valid.

I know there was a study about the arm speed of say, pitchers versus a karate black belt.

7/24/2004 3:25pm,
I quite like athlectic ability and the anatomy of motion by wirhed.
It covers Basic mechanics, anatomy and function (basicly what muscles do and sample stregthening exercises) and sports mechanices.

Its a nice book, well writen and easy to read. Contains most of the information I could possibly need and has had no impact on my training what so ever.

That judo book is fucking dry and even less useful.

7/25/2004 1:02am,
one word: biomechanics.

two words: heavy bag (it with a competant coach will help you with all the physics you need to know).

7/25/2004 1:32am,
Don't seek any:
1) physics explanations from MAs
2) MA explanations from Physicists

It's like using the Bible to advance whatever you wanna promote. . .you can find real information to back up almost anything.

Do seek:
1) to try out whatever explanations you find, for yourself. First hand experience will be a better teacher for you than all the books in the world.
2) A library? They'll even let you take the book home.
3) Borders? They'll let you read it with a latte!

Anybody have a thought on those ""ExtremeMA" guys from tv?


7/25/2004 2:39am,
This is all I could find on google ...