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7/24/2004 4:51am,
I just sent Kimbo's manager the Ashida Kim challenge. Let's see if the fish is ready to bite.

7/24/2004 4:54am,
I think it's pretty obvious AK won't go through. I mean he wouldn't even see omega, what makes Kimbo special?

7/24/2004 5:01am,
Cause it's fun to think about. I'll also be posting on his board. There is some seriously misguided hero-worship going on there.

7/24/2004 5:03am,
My bad, that was ki chuan do apparently

Anthony was AK.

7/24/2004 5:22am,
I found it here



7/25/2004 12:30am,
I don't think Ashida Kim could fight old retired people in Florida for first dibbs at the buffett line.

Who could take Kimbo? Tyson?

7/25/2004 12:37am,
J-kid could

*runs like hell*

Wounded Ronin
7/25/2004 12:45am,
If I were rich, I'd publically put up Kim's "fee" so he'd have nowhere to run.

7/25/2004 4:11am,
Haven't we tried this before only to have Kim back down?

Also, good luck with posting to Kim's place, they can smell us coming a mile away and quickly prevent us from ever posting again.

7/25/2004 10:00am,
well kimbu's manager already posted here so I wouldn't be surprised if he'd already emailed AK for a frank discussion on making grandious challenges.

Im starting to wonder though, isn't it some kind of fraud to post such a challenge and never follow through. Like the pepsi and M&M contests, they have to have some kind of winner at the end of the contest or its fraud and when they say: "you could win a billion dollars!" the possibility has to be there for a winner.

While you're at it, why not send him over to sammy franco's page. After kimbu mops the floor with him, he can legally take posession of a retirement home for his disabled mother. What a good son!!!

7/25/2004 2:04pm,
Originally posted by jubei33
well kimbu's manager already posted here He did? Where?

7/26/2004 8:34am,
they moved it to trollshido. he posted under the name godking or something like that..

7/26/2004 8:43am,
Originally posted by Jkdbuck76

Who could take Kimbo?

sammy franco could

Jaguar Wong
7/26/2004 3:53pm,
I don't think there's any "purse" for the Ashida Kim challenge. All the money that is mentioned in the challenge is just to make sure Ashida doesn't waste his time. There's the $25k bond to assure the challenger will show up, then there's Kim's "fee" of $10,000 30 days before the fight, not including all travel and accomodation expenses for Kim and his entourage. I seriously doubt Kimbo is going to waste his time and money to prove to the world that AK is a fake.

Also, what's with the "5-second pinfall" in his challenge. How cheesy would that be if the fight ended like that. They make the fight sound like a "last man standing" kind of thing with the "no holds barred, no judges" crap, but if he pins you for 5 seconds, he wins. What if you pin him? what does that prove?

7/26/2004 6:19pm,
Originally posted by Jaguar Wong
I What if you pin him? what does that prove?

That's he's your bitch and you're his daddy?

7/26/2004 7:26pm,
Originally posted by jubei33
they moved it to trollshido. he posted under the name godking or something like that.. Who the **** would put something as interesting as that into trollshido?