View Full Version : Shim Shin-Do the Skim Scam Do!

12/25/2002 1:52am,
Shim Shin-Do's founder lies about his credentials and stole the art from Choi Kwang Do. SSD students do some research and look at the true nature of the guy leading you. He is arrogant, self-centered, a user, hurts his instructors, and has several complaints against him with the Pinellas County Consumer Affairs. He lied in court and has an instructor perjure himself to get his 2.0+ alcohol DRUNK DRIVING ARREST downgraded to a reckless driving. He took out large loans from students & their parents in the tens of thousands and hasn't paid back. He offers private lessons to make you a black belt in 8 months and doesn't even teach them. He has a teenager do it. He has only one pitiful location after over 8 years of work. He is disorganized, lazy, and takes all the gullable students money. The techniques of the art that he learned from Choi Kwang Do are solid but Grandmaster Barriga and Shim Shin-Do are a disgrace to the integrity of the martial arts.

12/25/2002 6:27pm,
Dude, write an article on this, that way you dont have to post new threads every couple of months.
And be sure to include your past experience with this guy/school, so everyone knows your not just his competition or someone who got booted for something.

"An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind"