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Sun Wukong
7/23/2004 6:00pm,
There are far too many quacks in the martial world to ever clearly be able to point them all out.

Every karate school I have ever been to was a McDojo with only one exception and that's alot of schools.

What really makes me ill about the abundance of karate schools is that all of their little protege's at any belt level beyond white believe that they are completely capable of defending themself against a dangerous opponent. I have never seen that to be the case even once.

They teach grappling (sort of) with no underlying understanding of the principles involved and no rational explaination of how it is supposed to be applied.

They teach joint locks, which according to the instructor, will leave their opponent with a sloppy broken off nub where their limbs used to be even if the person executing the technique has NO real leverage or has very little strength.

They teach self defence techniques that end with "KIAI".

To my experience: The average Judo green belt knows he still kinda sucks at judo but wants to get better. The average karate green belt thinks he's ten feet tall made of steel and invisible. Why? Because you get humbled on the mat routinely during training because throws against a resisting opponent are alot harder to pull off than pretty kicks in the air while standing in a line with everyone facing the front of the school. Hell, they're even harder to pull off just doing drills.

Feeling like jumping jack flash and being tough are two entirely different entities.

The average competition level karate black belt with would be torn nigh limb from limb by the average competition level bjj, judo, gjj black belt of the same weight like they were beating up a 50lb japanese school girl.

Nearly no person with a karate background would ever agree to the above statement unless they cross trained in something else.

The only thing that I see being taught at the overwhelming majority of karate school is false confidence.

With all due respect however, I know full well that many people see the widespread short comings of american forms of karate, kempo, TKD and attempt to get on the right track. Unfortunately, probably 95% of these schools would be better off going to class, sitting down and watching A-Team re-runs.

Ninjutsu students are just plain fucked from the get go.

Sun Wukong
7/23/2004 6:03pm,
redundant post.

7/23/2004 6:11pm,
Originally posted by chris_ketchens

Feeling like jumping jack flash and being tough are two entirely different entities.



7/23/2004 6:36pm,
LOL I can see what you mean Chris. Sometimes I wish kyokushin wasn't listed as a karate style. I do, however, have the feeling that certain karate styles (coughshotokancough) contribute more to the karate McDojoism than certain other karate styles.

7/23/2004 6:38pm,
Jumpin Jack Flash is a gas-gas-gas.

What I like is that they all have a pet "if I was attacked by a drunken wrestler/bjjer/judoka i would ......" technique.

We need all need an if i was attacked by a drunken karateka technique.

But then everyone knows you fall over if you try and high kick on broken glass.

7/23/2004 7:18pm,
heh heh, karate sucks.

7/23/2004 7:21pm,
styles dont suck you just havnt found someone who teaches it properly.
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7/23/2004 7:39pm,
yea i agree. first off posts like this have come and gone. plz make use of search function. secondly unless you have visited every karate school in the universe u cant make judgements on the style. most of the judoka ive met suck ass and their schools are shitty as hell. do u see me coming on this forum and posting some stupid ass bullshit about judo being a fucktard's system? no. because i kno regardless of all the **** brained no talent assclowns in judo, the system itself isnt bad. use the search function and quit wasting our time

welcome to bullshido

Traditional Tom
7/23/2004 8:09pm,
Suck dick bitch, I take karate and I've got the l337 skills to take down anyone, I can fight 25 people at once and murder all of them using my one finger death strike attack. Obviously any and all fights I get into I can set up for fight, put on a jockstrap, and do a spinning, twisting, tornado attacks.

No wait, I would probably get wasted by one person alone, I dont even wanna think about 2 people

In my experience, the instructor decides the quality of the student, and as no instructor can bust heads or be choosey about his students (if he owns his own dojo and doesnt make massive amounts of profits somehow) so therefore, students usually practise 2, maybe 3 times a week on average, (adult students anyways), naturally you can't get any massive improvements in any short time, and any improvements are made over many years.
Needless to say Im far too lazy to continue talking about this

eternal, why would you say welcome to bullshido? the guys been registered longer then you have


Wounded Ronin
7/23/2004 9:40pm,
Unfortunately that's what happens when you run a business. You cater to the lowest common denominator and try to make everyone feel good so they keep coming back.

I just read a book on how to run a dojo and I finally understand why most dojos suck so much.

7/23/2004 9:49pm,
What's Karate?

7/23/2004 10:18pm,
I took American Karate when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I quit after the first tournament. It was relly stupid, and nothing I've seen yet has altered my opinion.

7/23/2004 10:37pm,
karate banged my girlfreind

7/23/2004 10:55pm,
karate killed my father, and raped my mother.

7/23/2004 11:02pm,
karate is al gore and must be stopped

7/23/2004 11:08pm,
Karate, the other white meat.