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Gringo Grande
7/23/2004 3:58pm,
Hi all,

I'm looking for some bullshidoers to potentially help me find/verify some information. This isn't anything illegal and if you have any questions, PM me and I will give you my personal contact information to get in touch with me if you feel the need to verify my intentions.

If it is possible to check the phonebook directories or any other resource, I am trying to find the physical address for the following individual/company:

United Investments
Toronto, Canada
Charles Makuto
[email protected]

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Gringo Grande

7/23/2004 4:02pm,
Does canada411.ca come up with anything?

7/23/2004 9:28pm,
Couldn't find anything on that. I can do more though.

What are your intentions?

Traditional Tom
7/23/2004 11:03pm,
Obviously he lost alot of money on one of his investments, and he wants to go break a bookies kneecaps


Gringo Grande
7/23/2004 11:32pm,
Well if the truth be known...one of my friends is a Lawyer for a rather large loan company in the US. The company I am searching for information for is advertising and spamming as well, offering people about to undergo bankruptcy the chance for a new home loan. They hit the people for $400 and then send them to my friends company who has no idea who the hell these people are and don't do bankruptcy/foreclosure loans.

Now normally this isn't my trade...as far as cyber sleuthing. I know what to do and how to do it and I'm currently waiting on emails and some other information so I can start backtracking through the headers and all that other good stuff.

Basically my friend and his company are trying to find a physical address for the guy so that they can send a cease and desist to him.

I'm not being paid to do this, I've done work for my friends company in the past and this is a favor from me to him...I figured if any Canadian locals could track down info on this guy or company that it would be the quickest way to locate a physical address.

If you need further verification of my intentions, please PM me and I will send you contact info for both my company and my friends.


Gringo Grande

7/24/2004 12:30am,
I don't see it in Superpages, Yellow pages and Yellow.ca ain't giving me nothing.

Gringo Grande
7/24/2004 1:06am,
Thanks Piz...I appreciate your efforts. Here in the US we have 411 that you can call and get a physical address with a phone number or vise versa. I've got free calling to Canada, is there a Canadian equivalent to 411 or a telephone company that you suggest I call?

I suppose they could possibly also have a US based 866 number as well if they are based in Toronto?

Thanks again,

Gringo Grande

7/24/2004 5:56am,
Hi Gringo Grande,

You might try the Toronto tax rolls. They're probably online, but they would be organized by address. Your best bet is to call a govt. worker at Toronto who can access the property tax rolls, and give them all the info you've shown to us here. They MIGHT be able to find the address of the business (or the owner's home address), if their system is set up anything like here in the U.S. Best of luck, sorry I can't help more! (point of fact, even if you can't find the address this way, the person you talk to might know who you can talk to for the info you need!)

P.S.-- If worse comes to worst, you can hire a skip tracer to find out everything about the man you're looking for, from the address of his business, to the names and addresses of his friends and business partners (not to mention what color socks he wears!). I don't know any skip tracers who work in Canada, but it probably wouldn't take much effort to find one and they're pretty inexpensive.