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7/23/2004 8:09am,

Found this site in my searching.

Anyone know anything regarding this?

This one statement makes me go Hmmmmm,

"In Tong Moo Do, the ancient Martial Arts of the past are combined to form the Martial Art of the future."

In the Black Belt club they do do gymnastics,
"The first area will be the flashy or "X-treme" aspect of Tong Moo Do. These classes will cover many of the exciting techniques that are seen in our demos such as specialty kicks, aerial kicks, acrobatics, breakfalls, and creative combinations"

They have cult like behavoir
"Students must greet their instructors, black belts and the grandmaster by bowing. "

This is cool!
"There are no testing fees for the tips tests or for the belt promotion for all colour belt levels. There are testing fees at the black belt level. If the student does receive a new belt at the belt promotion, belts cost $8.00 each."

7/23/2004 8:11am,
i don't get what the big deal about bowing is. i bow to all my instructors too, it's a sign of respect in the tma world.

7/23/2004 8:13am,
Same, as long as you don't spend excessive amounts of time doing it, it's just like touching gloves.

Except you do it a little more. Kind of like waving hello. ;)

7/23/2004 8:14am,
Yea, bowing is okay.

I didn't look through the site, but I admit I like flipping around all over the place, even if I'm not very good at it.

7/23/2004 8:15am,
You decide:
Tong Moo Do looks more like warmed-over--
a) tangsoodo
b) hapkido
c) taekwondo
d) all the above.

7/23/2004 8:51am,
To say "you must Bow" seems a little odd to me.

7/23/2004 9:06am,
Bowing is not so bad but some places take it to an extreme.

7/23/2004 9:15am,
I know a man who once bowed to his pants.

7/23/2004 9:17am,
Fancy TKD school basicly. I doubt they do WTF tournaments. From the looks I'd say that they mostly do open circuit tournaments. I didn't see where they listed the forms that they did. I did notice that their sword techniques did not look clean.

7/23/2004 9:22am,
As far as I can see, the issue's not with bowing, it's with bowing to all the black belts, their dogs etc. At ours, we just bow when we get in and out and sometimes before kumite (Not always. In the skipping/sparring sessions we sometimes miss it out.)
The presence of a 'black belt club' is what sets the bollocks alarm going more than anything else. The black gis and the inclusion of stupid stuff like 'anger management', 'leadership training' and 'character development' scream bullshido like Matt thornton in a room packed with taekwondo.

7/23/2004 9:40am,

7/23/2004 2:17pm,
in kuksool, you had to bow to your sword. I though that was retarded.

7/23/2004 2:19pm,
Tong nae moo?

7/23/2004 3:53pm,
Hoo flung poo??

7/23/2004 4:33pm,
Doesn't seem too bad.... till u look at some of the pics. But there are much much worse out there. They seem to have fun doing what they doing so I dunno i guess its ok.

I vote D.

7/23/2004 7:28pm,
Its just to show respect to those who know more. or allegedly know more in the style.. teaches humility hopefully