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7/22/2004 9:50pm,
Anyone watching this on mtv. 3 American muay thai kickboxers go to comepete in thailand.

Deadpan Scientist
7/22/2004 9:56pm,
it's not on yet in cali...
one more hour

7/22/2004 9:57pm,
it's a good show, i'm watching it

finally something on mtv worth watching

7/22/2004 9:58pm,
Sorry I just saw it was on like 7mins ago.

7/22/2004 9:58pm,
dammit im at the fucking library...

7/22/2004 10:02pm,
Dammit, I read about this a month ago and have been waiting for it to air. I only caught the last fight, hopefully they air it a million more times.

7/22/2004 10:02pm,
that sucks, i just turned it on to catch the last 2 minutes.....

7/22/2004 10:04pm,
Air dates...eastern time

Thu 07/22

10:00 PM

Fri 07/23

6:00 PM

Sat 07/24

5:30 PM

Sun 07/25

12:30 AM

Thu 07/29

10:00 PM

Fri 07/30

3:00 PM

Sat 07/31

6:30 PM

Sun 08/01

7:00 PM

7/22/2004 10:05pm,
Lucky, caught the entire thing. The first guy, Kit, fought the better of the two. Master Toddy rocks.

7/22/2004 10:06pm,
LOL...look at MTV's description of the episode

I'm a muaThai Boxer
This new episode of True Life follows 2 gay couples who plan to get marriage licenses in Massachusetts when they become available on May 17 so they can finally legalize their unions. The couples, both from Massachusetts, will go through all the wedding planning from the special celebrations with family to applying and receiving their marriage licenses.