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7/22/2004 4:47pm,
where can i find a place to learn fencing on long island other than in a university club? nassau county preferably.

also if anyone knows any good gyms for pumping iron in nassau county, that would be great.

7/22/2004 5:11pm,
Here is a list of fencing clubs on Long Island. I don't know which of them is any good; the really good clubs are in NYC, where I train.


Ming Loyalist
7/22/2004 5:16pm,
pojac, do you train at the fencers club? i used to train there back in the 80's when it was on 71st.

7/22/2004 8:01pm,

7/23/2004 12:18am,
I trained sabre at the fc for a year, but now train epee at the NYAC.

Ming Loyalist
7/25/2004 2:06am,
i did sabre at FC for 4 years back when westbrook was there. mormando was my coach. dunno about now but back then there was SERIOUS bad blood between the FC and the NYAC.

7/25/2004 12:30pm,
I noticed a litle tension when I first moved from Boston, but it's a reasonably friendly rivalry now. NYAC doesn't really have foil or sabre to compare with the FC (who does?), but its epee is better, so there's not much overlap for serious hate. Steve doesn't coach anyone at the FC anymore, just his NYU students. For sabre now you'd go to Yuri Gelman if you have the money/talent, Misha Shimshovich for cheaper (for New York) but quite good lessons, and Mikail Sankofa (previously known as Michale Lofton) if you're in the Peter Westbrook Foundation.

Ming Loyalist
7/25/2004 1:07pm,
and i assume csaba elthes died years ago (i had a couple lessons with him but he had no time for anyone but the top students, so he made me work with steve.)

that old man was one tough bastard, i think he actually fought duels to the death in hungary back in the day.

7/25/2004 2:55pm,
You can find fencing at home depot. I think wooden posts and chain link :p.