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watch dog
7/22/2004 3:04pm,
Check out this new Attack Proof Video Clip.
Pretty crazy, but does it have any value?

7/22/2004 3:08pm,
Oh my GH0D !

Now I have to go Gouge the STUPID out of my eyes !

7/22/2004 3:10pm,
Hey! Aren't those the Ki Chuan Do guys?

7/22/2004 3:14pm,
Idunno , byt they come from "NYCHIpower.com" - no bullshit .

7/22/2004 3:21pm,

THIS is the funny ...

MY double leg is better than this guys !

7/22/2004 3:48pm,
Haha LOL. Has been posted before, but still is very funny.

7/22/2004 3:52pm,
Yep. It is the Ki Chuan Do guys.

7/22/2004 4:31pm,
There's a double-leg takedown in this one? My mind is already at work imagining the possiblities for monumental martial mediocrity.

Nobody spoil it, I'm still at work!

7/22/2004 4:55pm,
Roughousing room clip observations:

Notice the double leg in the str33tfight at the beggining.

Notice the flailing, girly punches.

Notice the drill where the hanging dummy is launched towards you from 10 feet away, with it's arms held wide.

My school has one of those dummies. There is no way to get punching power with one by doing what these guys do.

7/22/2004 5:13pm,
What a load of hooey. Sick thing is they're announcing it as well.. a countermeasure against bullshido when in fact... it is just that. What a friggin ridiculous video

7/22/2004 5:16pm,
They do have a point...it's really hard to take a guy down who's suspended from the ceiling.

7/22/2004 5:26pm,
Haha. True. Guess they got me there. bwaha

The footballhelmets are a nice touch though..

7/22/2004 6:17pm,
Direct link. I'd say go to the site first though since you miss the full experience :rolleyes:

Edit: Ok, here we go...

-Strawman representation of all other martial arts: check

-Ki Chuan Do's own Large Black Man choosing to fall down when confronted by men who want to fondle his breasts: check

-Man running around screaming with a blowup doll attached to the ceiling: check
:confused: WTF :confused:

-Acting like people pushing said celing-suspended blowup dolls into you simulates an attack, which completely ignores acutal human body mechanics and therefore precludes or malforms leg attacks, body attacks, head attacks and any kind of grappling: check

-Student flailing like he's fending off a swarm of bees: check

-Perkins standing in the corner proclaiming NOTHING MOVES THE BLOB!!!: CHECK

-Visitors welcome: Omega's plane fare must still be sitting around somewhere...

Wounded Ronin
7/22/2004 10:04pm,
That made me cry and laugh at the same time.

7/22/2004 10:09pm,
The main feature of the Roughhousing Room is the Full Force Upright Combat Trainer. The F.F.U.C.T. is designed from scratch by the New York Chi Power Center's own Dave Randel who is a certified Attack Proof™ instructor and teaches at the center

Well F.F.U.C.T. is exactly what you will be with this ****. Man what a douche.

7/22/2004 10:25pm,
Chuan beat me to it.

The best part of the video was the guy getting punched in the face repeatedly at the very beginning. I will say this, at least the voice over guy sounded cool. Great voice.