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7/22/2004 10:24am,
Question for the wrestlers here:

Can you explain, or link to, what is "folkstyle wrestling"?

Dfferences - simmilaryties with Olympic - Freestyle - Greco?


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Folkstyle and Freestyle both differ from Greco in that you're allowed to attack the legs, so deep low shots are common, whereas standing greco is all clinch. Folkstyle is different from freestyle in a few ways, not all of them which I know. In freestyle you get points whenever you roll a person over his back, in folkstyle you have to hold him partially on his back for 3 or 5 seconds. I believe (though I'm not certain) freestyle gives points for riding a person for a certain amount of time, which folkstyle does not. Freestyle also gives more points for major throws than normal takedowns, which is not the case for folkstyle.

7/22/2004 11:25am,
Originally posted by Te(V)plar
Dunno, I just wanna post again to see the hilarious post screen.

What does it say?

7/22/2004 11:25am,
In folkstyle, there's only one situation in which you're allowed to clasp you hands around your opponent's torso*. So the focus is generally on leg attacks such as double leg, single leg, high-c and upperbody attacks like head&arm and arms spins (with the latter being rare).

* The top man is allowed to clasp his hands around the bottom man when started from the 'basic down' position. (similar to the turtle position)

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Folkstyle = High School and Collegiate level. Points given for takedowns, near falls(exposing the back, points given based on length of time held), riding time is given at the Collegiate level. Emphasis is on control, takedowns, pins. Can't lock the hands around the torso from the top position, unless an arm is included in the lock.

Freestyle = Olympics. Points given for takedowns, EXPOSING the back, pins occur as soon as both shoulder blades touch the mat, big throws such as the suplex are awarded up to 5 points, hands are allowed to lock around the torso. Emphasis on takedowns and back exposure.

Greco-Roman = Olympics. No contact to the legs at all, all upper body throws, including work from the down position. Same basic rules as Freestyle. Emphasis is on throws and back exposure.

I've done them all and I enjoy Freestyle the most, alot more action compared to wrestling at the high school and college level, if there's no action in the down position, wrestlers are stood back up. In high school and college, the emphasis is on keeping the opponent down to attempt near-falls and falls, you can spend a whole two minute period just laying there.

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Originally posted by Te(V)plar
Dunno, I just wanna post again to see the hilarious post screen.

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