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7/20/2004 6:09pm,
Halliburton has been doing oil biz in Iran, in direct violation of US law for several years. After being issued a grand jury subpoena seeking information about its Cayman Islands unit's work in Iran, where it is illegal for U.S. companies to operate, Halliburton sez it's all ok because it's not the US Halliburton, it the Halliburton’s Cayman subsidiary that was set up while Cheney was CEO. That's Dick "go **** yourself" Cheney, VP of US, who got a 36 million dollar severance when he "quit" Halliburton to "help run" the United States of America).

Here's a picture from the industrial powerhouse Cayman Islands:

Halliburton said it was not illegal for U.S. companies' independent foreign subsidiaries to conduct business in Iran because they are "independent." Isn't that nice.

On a related note, a resolution, which was submitted by the Comptroller of New York City on behalf of the New York City Police and Fire Department Pension Funds, calls for a Halliburton shareholder vote to establish a Board of Directors' committee to review the corporation's offshore operations.

“The decision by the SEC to stop Halliburton from blocking our proposal demonstrates the legitimacy of our fiduciary concern,”said Thompson.“A loss of consumer confidence could result from the continuation of Halliburton's operations in Iran. This could have a negative impact on shareholder value. As responsible shareholders, this is an issue that we must take seriously.”

Seems the firemen and police of New York don't like having their pension funds invested by traitors with terrorists.