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7/19/2004 9:58pm,
I have a question regarding Karate and the Olympics.

I believe that Judo is just kumite, as is TKD.

Does anyone know what the format for the karate competition is? I thought I read somewhere that kata was included.

I was at the USOC site and looked up the US Karate team, but the site is not very helpful. It looks like it hasn't been updated in over a year.

Thanks for any help.

7/19/2004 10:45pm,
Karate is not an Olympic event. Boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, judo, and fencing are, but so far karate is not.

Offical Athens 2004 website listing all sports:

7/19/2004 10:48pm,

7/19/2004 10:51pm,
Judo is kumite?It is called randori silly~~~:(

7/19/2004 10:51pm,
The website of the people TRYING to get karate to be an olympic sport is here:

They are a memeber of the USIOC and have rules for both kumite and kata competition.

7/19/2004 10:53pm,
Its slated to be an event when the olympics come to New York.

7/19/2004 11:35pm,
they were trying to get wushu to become an olymipic event when they go to beijing....they one sport where china would own everyone....

7/19/2004 11:46pm,
That's lame they should make muai thai or kickboxing an olympic sport instead. It would make a lot more sense, to me at least .:D

7/19/2004 11:56pm,
Why have Karate when there is TKD?

7/20/2004 1:05am,
Because some lame-ass is going to post the oh-so-damn-witty retort "Because TKD sucks" or something to that effect.

7/20/2004 1:07am,
Because TKD sucks

7/20/2004 1:10am,

7/20/2004 1:21am,
I thought they wanted to make san shou kick boxing an olympic sport.

7/20/2004 2:04am,
Originally posted by greese1 Why have Karate when there is TKD?

This is a very good point. I think the general public would have a hard time telling the difference and it would lead
to a bit of confusion in many peoples minds.

Having said that, as a karateka I'd love to see it in there.

The rules for karate competition have been changed over the last decade to make karate more TV friendly and reduce
injuries in order to increase the chance of making it into the olympics.

Punisher: The USAKF is a member (of a member) of the World Karate Federation (www.wkf.net) who actually specify the
rules (although I do notice that the USAKF has modified them slightly for their own national events, hopefully they will adopt the same rules as the rest of the world if it gets into the Olympics).

7/20/2004 2:21am,
yeah i seriously doubt that karate is ever going to be in the olympics as long as tkd is there. too similar. thai boxing is too brutal for soft american crowds to watch. :D

american kickboxing I think falls into the same category as karate. too similar for it to be worth it.

Darting Fingers
7/20/2004 2:33am,
Wasn't panktration an olympic sport, couldn't a case be made for its reintroduction?