View Full Version : RNC on t3h Str33t?

7/19/2004 9:32pm,
Quick and effective, but how safe is it? From standing it's hard to maintain, from the back (top) you'll get your ass handed to you if the guy has friends, and from the back (bottom) you lack the mobility to move quickly if need be. Anyone who's used it in a street situation, please post your experiences/opinions.

7/19/2004 9:39pm,
I've used it over a dozen times whilst working as a bouncer. It's not hard to set up, and if the guy is drunk he goes out all the more quicker. It's also not hard to maintain - just kick the back of one of his knees and keep the pressure on his lower back.

7/20/2004 12:02am,
Block the hips out and watch out for laws concerning it.