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7/18/2004 8:12pm,
But seriously, what MA moves/tactics do you think a person can use against other species of animals? I know this sounds sort of silly, but I'm just curious how say, for example, you could perhaps use MA against an attacking dog, etc. I guess we could throw in exotic animals (i.e. boa constrictors) and what-not for fun.

7/18/2004 8:16pm,
Foot stomping cockroaches

7/18/2004 8:20pm,
"Those dogs can smell anything. Thats why you gotta kick em i the throat!!"

Terribly quoted quote from Er, if anyone knows what I'm talking about about. But basically, I think if you kick most things in the throat, they wont be to happy. That or maybe a shot to the "Cojones"

7/18/2004 8:29pm,

Darting Fingers
7/18/2004 8:33pm,
I know all teh bear fightin techniques round 'ere boy!

7/18/2004 8:43pm,
Well, Lara Croft used a cross on that shark...

Mr. Mantis
7/18/2004 8:44pm,
Years ago, one of the bars in my area had bear wrestling. Two matches a night with Ceasar the bear. It was a black bear, and was muzzled during the fights.

7/18/2004 8:49pm,
Well I think I could push kick a dog in the face pretty well. And if I can get a snake into closed guard then I can kimura it into submission. Even though it doesnt have arms.

Don Gwinn
7/18/2004 9:11pm,
Shotguns have worked on every species I've had occasion to kill.

7/18/2004 9:24pm,
I arm-barred a snake.

Deadpan Scientist
7/18/2004 9:51pm,
Actually, dogs have extremely strong necks. The nose is the most sensitive part of a dog. If yoiu're talking about limb destructions you'll want to move the front paws laterally, where the dogs do not have much musculature or support to fight back.

Snake: place foot on head of snake.

7/18/2004 9:54pm,
I eye gouged a jelly fish.

Mr. Mantis
7/18/2004 9:55pm,
Fish: Grab by tail, beat head on ground repeatedly.

7/18/2004 9:56pm,
There are 2 moves that I know of for defense against a dog. If a dog already has his teeth sinked into you, just put your fingers into its nostrils and rip the nose off. The dog will die....but at least it won't be biting you. Oh, and that move doesn't work on red nose pit-bulls...what with their abnormally strong noses and all.

Another move that was explained to me, is some weird choke thing you can do on a dog, and they'll just submit/die. I can't explain exactly how to do the move, just that it will make a dog pass out.

7/18/2004 10:03pm,
I kicked a horse in the nuts.

7/18/2004 10:06pm,
Against a porcupine I suggest getting in real close. Try a Headlock or an Arm Bar.

Note - will also work against a skunk