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#8 No sparring incase of injuries/hurt egos; they do not want people leaving, rather, they would prefer everyone to beleive in a false sense of skill and security.

Also, they offer open challenges but do not back them up. eg Franco, Ashida Kim

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Sweet, not to forget Stockholm syndrome~~~:D

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good post... sort of obvious but should help the noobs..

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Well put.

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Don't forget ungodly mistranslations.
IE, http://www.oomyungdoepgh.com/descriptions/kung_fu.html

Knowledge is your best weapon. And cross-training. And this.

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Also part of #6. EXCLUSIVITY SYNDROME, is an excessive emphasis on "building character", "respect", "integrity", "honor", etc. The message is that as a student you are a more enlightened being than everyone else. Often this message is directed against other schools implying that if you study anywhere else you are or will become trash. This fits in nicely with the concept of "no competitions" since it would beneath you to fight someone else that clearly doesn't have the same status as you do.

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There's a McDojo right near me. The ones here thrive on good ol' All American, family safe, good wholesome CHRISTIAN atmospheres. The instructors all have mustaches and drive American made pickup trucks pasted with bumper stickers that scream their devotion to Tae Kwon Do, their mcdojo, and just what they can do for your kid.

The one I was at, the instructor gave me the sad treatment when I didn't renew. Kind of like if a car salesman tried to sell you a car based on how bad his life's been going lately.

My wife left me, turns out for Danny Devito, I caught my son smoking crack and my daughter told me that she's a lesbian and she hates me, and what kind of Chevy are you looking to purchase today, sir?

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Good, [nearly] complete list.