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12/22/2002 2:55pm,
Does anyone train using the cane?

Would you recommend it for self defence?

Does anyone have a link on the topic?

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Sharp Phil
12/23/2002 6:36am,

Toby Christensen
12/23/2002 7:41am,
I have been trained in using a cane. I can recommend it, even though I'm not much of a cane-fighter.

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12/23/2002 11:43am,
The only time I would have or need a cane if I had a bum leg or was an old man. Which I am neither cane is like long stick with a hook so the hook come in to play for offence & defense. I find the cane a waste of time personally, when will the cane come in to play in real life? There are so many other weapons that are more practical to learn ones that you might find in a situation . In less you are fighting the elderly you might find a cane maybe even a walker now that's a weapon. The walker is a very deadly when used you should train in Walker Won Do.

12/23/2002 6:33pm,
Hi Phil

I'm just checking your site out now, looks good.

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12/23/2002 6:47pm,
I just messing with you if you're in to and you find it interesting its cool

12/23/2002 7:08pm,
I might need one in thirty years or so. Even if I donít need one, I wonít look out of place with it. So learning its use might be a good ideal. Of course Iím in no hurry, just curious for now.

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12/24/2002 12:58am,
look up "Stickfighting" on a search engine, is a form of cane fighting I guess.

12/24/2002 9:35am,
I have practiced with the cane and have found it very nice. Plus you can keep it in your car without any hassles. It is easy to learn how to use it, so if you have the chance, then go for it.

Jeremy M. Talbott