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7/16/2004 3:58pm,
but how much so? Time to investigate.

7/16/2004 4:00pm,
Coupled with the reappearance of KFDW, I'm starting to think all our trolls are one person.

7/16/2004 4:05pm,
No, if they were dedicated to the same thing we are, they wouldn't be denigrating sport arts and espousing almost exclusively Kung Fu derrived techniques, much less "Reality".

The only "Reality" in training comes from realistic, full contact training, not tossing the fucking word around like it's a magical mantra.

That said, they do seem to have tried to take a page from our book, even if it's since been used as a napkin to clean up all the broken glass and lava they've got over there.

7/16/2004 4:09pm,
Nevermind, Matthius, disregard what I said. I see you've registered over there in the last few minutes.

They're a great forum. Go to them... really.

7/16/2004 7:06pm,

Their webarchitechture is so pussified that you can't even say "farther" without the "fart" being edited out so it comes out ****her.

I've had a post deleted once because I told someone they just post when it wasn't "their time of the month".

Heaven forbid you should say anything sucks ass. There's some interesting conversation that happens there now and again but I really prefer to speak my mind without a nanny looking over my shoulder to make sure I play nice. . . . hm....I wonder if I could get away with one of those 'R' rated avatars that have become so popular lately.....

7/16/2004 7:49pm,
But I thought they were the "no spin zone of the martial arts"?

By "spin" I guess they mean "rational discourse and critical examination of conventional views".

I love it. It's kind of like having M&M's with feces coated in a candy shell instead of chocolate.

"We don't tolerate bullshit here whatsoever! Now shut up or we'll poke you in the eyes or grab your balls. REAL COMBAT baby!"

7/16/2004 7:51pm,
I SO shouldn't be badmouthing another forum. :( Sorry, I haven't been able to hit the heavy bag all week due to a scab on my knuckle from going a bit too hard without bag gloves.

7/16/2004 8:12pm,
lol poor Phrost:p

7/17/2004 1:42am,
seeing as though webarchitechture has been brought up. Phrost why are you listed as a supporting member.

7/17/2004 9:56am,
Probably because the little supporting member tab tells all the world that he pays his dues, and the big shiny SITE DIRECTOR thing tells everyone he PWNZ the place.

7/17/2004 10:04am,
Hey Matt, how are the members of that site treating you?


7/17/2004 10:24am,
Originally posted by Shumagorath
Hey Matt, how are the members of that site treating you?



serious harm
7/17/2004 11:37am,
I checked it out, but I found the topics to be really boring, and when I saw that there were 3 guests and 0 members, well there's no point

7/17/2004 2:49pm,

If you fish around on that website long enough you'll come across a few articles by a guy named Walt Lysak Jr. I used to train with him and his brothers back in the day and his school was hard fucking core. It had a reputation to the effect that alot of the local mcdojos were afraid of the place. A couple of guys who trained there had a few fucking screws loose in the head. There were lots of injuries from **** like broken noses, ankles to dumb fucks cranking submissions too hard or not tapping out. Alot of times **** was just taken too far. I was really suprised to see a guy like him on that website. Very strange.

7/17/2004 3:39pm,
It happens. If you craft a halfway decent image in the martial arts, you'll attract a few legit people no matter how full of bullshit your game is under the surface.

Not everyone has the inclination to open the closet and look for the skeletons, unfortunately.

7/17/2004 11:28pm,
yes fledgling i guesed he paid his dues cause of the "SITE DIRECTOR" bit wasnt sure he needed the "SUPPORTIN MEMBER" bit as well but im just being picky.