View Full Version : Clock choke defense

7/15/2004 9:46pm,
I haven't ever really done a lot of work with clock chokes, either applying or escaping, because not a lot of people at my school use them. However, a guy came in tonight who caught me in about 3 in a row, much to my chagrin. Any quick 'n easy tips for defending/escaping? Thanks.

7/15/2004 10:11pm,
An easy way is when the guy's left hand comes across your throat and grabs your gi, fall onto your right side and face him. You end up in side control but at least you're not being choked.

7/15/2004 11:33pm,
Roll/sit back to guard. It unwinds the choke.

The really cool way is to reach out with the arm that is between you, grab his far leg (watch for armlocks!), then roll into him. With some practice and luck you will roll him right over you into side control.

7/18/2004 12:53pm,
Yeah, the second you see you're being clock choked (or set up for one) start to roll and sit back to guard. If they're passing your guard you can re-turtle and hopefully they let go of the choke and you can start working again. Try not to let them get side control because they can transition to another choke (don't know what it's called). Koga used to do that a bit as a followup to the clock choke when people would try to escape.

7/18/2004 7:44pm,
If you're like me you don't even know what a clock choke is, so here you go: