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7/14/2004 11:01am,
Tossing this bit of fresh meat out for you sharks...


Have fun.

Peter H.
7/14/2004 11:03am,
http://www.toddweeksmovies.com/DVD Cover Pic.jpg

Holy Crap! The Biker from the Village People does Karate!

Sorry about the big pic.

7/14/2004 11:05am,
Is he guy on the right in that last picture Tank Abbott? Honestly this is a little, creepy. What exactly are they trying to sell?

7/14/2004 11:08am,


7/14/2004 11:13am,
Check out the videos section.

7/14/2004 11:15am,
yeah, i watched two.

i like the one with him front kicking the heavy bag and the cats in the background scatter.

wtf, this guy is mental.

7/14/2004 11:18am,
No!!! High heels on the mat! Kill that women - she may be pretty but you just don't do that sort of thing to decent mats

7/14/2004 11:19am,
If you watch the credits in the example clips you'll notice it says it's for entertainment purposes only.

7/14/2004 11:20am,
Oh My GODDDDDD!!!!!!!!! I have NEVER seen anything this stupid (well, Ashida Kim, Tai Gip aside). Someone living near this guy HAS to go down there and beat his ass! What a bizzare freak show. That dude had A LOT of gold stripes on his black belt.

7/14/2004 11:27am,
This is why my old instructor would not teach retarded people. No offense Veridian.

7/14/2004 11:29am,
The second vid is great!!

7/14/2004 11:30am,
I love his comment in the sample video #3 after he falls down from putting on the weight vest "boy I sure wish I had enough money for retakes". Its decently funny kinda like a red greene does MA video series.

7/14/2004 11:38am,
"Freestyle Self Defense Video Testing

Send Video and Resume of your experience for rank certification in Self Defense. Receive ranking from Beginner to 8th Degree Black Belt, Diploma, School Patch, I. D. Card, and Video of the Founder. Future promotions are FREE for LIFE. ONLY $100!"

Hey, this guy's an 8th dan and registered to the American Federation of Jujitsu.

7/14/2004 11:43am,
I thought the first clip was gonna be some dojo porn :)

Sun Wukong
7/14/2004 11:46am,
I can't decide which is worse:

1. this guy is selling black belt rankings for $1.00 ( somebody tell ashida kim he's being under cut in price)

2. The guitar playing.

Other than that I'm pretty sure this guy is just making fun of the whole martial arts scene.

7/14/2004 11:50am,
That was some funny **** :)