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7/13/2004 3:47am,
bullshido? I'm very suspicious of anyone that claims to have discovered the secret to self-defense and how they'd be happy to share it with you for $39.95. Any have any experiance with this?


7/13/2004 4:37am,
Why don't you search for older threads on it? That rubbish has been circulating in bullshido for generations

7/13/2004 5:23am,
Originally posted by triple
Why don't you search for older threads on it? That rubbish has been circulating in bullshido for generations

I did. What key words would you suggest that I should of searched for oh wise one?

7/13/2004 6:48am,
Looks a lot like most other RBSD stuff to me.

Matt Bernius
7/13/2004 8:07am,
Sounds like? I think it goes deeper than that. I especially love:

"About that time a friend of mine invited me to train with his master instructor. He claimed that his instructor taught an awesome and realistic system of street self-defense. I was curios to see what this guy was all about, so I accepted. It didnít take long to realize that he was right."

Spelling problems aside (I know I'm not one to talk) I think it's interesting that this guy mentions a "Master Instructor" but doesn't give a name (why study with a student when you could learn from the master). My guess is it was Tony Blauer. Basically my take is this guy has taken Blauer's material and repackaged it for cheap.

The material might be good (might be), but the delivery is pure bullshido.

7/13/2004 1:55pm,
I viewed these tapes one time.

I don't understand all the hype language but basically its a collection of techniques shown by a middle aged man in casual clothes at half speed. Its a bunch of techs, single lapel grab, hand grab, bear hug, rear bug hug, tackle etc. I've seen hundreds of these things and you'll find them in any "self defense" book or RBSD tape. A lot of them have been discussed here on bullshido as a matter of fact.

They are not the deadly TRS hype stuff that you keep reading about. They are practical self defense techniques in theory.

The techniques are not exotic or fancy and make a lot of sense in most cases but we come back to the same thing over and over with these type instructionals.

These defenses might work in a one step sparring situation (with a semi-cooperative partner) but if you are not working out in a bona fide school that is teaching you to realistically fight against a resisting opponent...you will get a big surprise when reality hits.

I think these tapes and other RBSD things are a great supplement to realistic training...but not a substitute.

Matt Bernius
7/14/2004 8:39am,
Originally posted by blankslate
I think these tapes and other RBSD things are a great supplement to realistic training...but not a substitute. That's the way I've always view RBSD. My exposure to it is through the Blauer material and it's always seemed to be a great compliment. I don't think any of the good instructors or coaches have suggested that it's a complete system buy itself.

- Matt

7/14/2004 8:49am,

1. Avoid trouble

2. Smack the guy when he's not expecting it and run

You might as well hand your money over to your imaginary friend Captain Obvious.....


7/14/2004 9:05am,
Great comments above...what is crazy is that marketing.

They try to capitalize on a person's self doubt or fear and make you think that there is something on these tapes that "no one has ever seen before". Once they have you worried they re-assure you about the price and throw in a bonus.... hook, line, sinker. So sad..

hey wait a minute...with all our great minds and experience here at Bullshido...we could put together a collection on Video and market it. We know all the valid techniques and marketing tricks...I think it would be a great way to raise money for the site. This will be better than the Calendar....

7/14/2004 9:13am,
i want to teach "the dim mak for t3h streetz" in the video please.

7/14/2004 9:20am,
Originally posted by Chupacabra
i want to teach "the dim mak for t3h streetz" in the video please.

We're off to a great start...

I can teach the "do everything they tell you" portion.

Matt Bernius
7/14/2004 10:06am,
Ok at the risk of starting a huge disagreement....

RSBD (or at least Blauer material) falls into the same category as Aliveness in my mind. It's nothing new. It's a lot of common sense. Hell, go back far enough or embrace the traditional concepts of the arts and you'll find both in most TMAs. But for as much as people talk about it, very few people actually execute on either.

And so both should be discussed and we should examine how our training methodologies include both ideas. I don't see enough martial artists actually addressing things like adrenal dumps, situational awareness, pre fight rituals, etc. And, personally, I think the work Blauer has done on flinch conversion is very solid and something anyone whose interested in combat arts should look into.

- Matt

7/14/2004 10:13am,
The one thing these RBSD systems have in common, they all assume that the attacker, who may well be a professional criminal, doesn't know how to fight, can't take a shot and won't chase your ass.
Interesting assumptions.

Matt Bernius
7/14/2004 10:21am,
I have to disagree with that one Ronin. Again, I can only speak to the Blauer training methodology and the bit of Geoff Thompson that I've read, but in both cases there's no assumption that the person can't fight. In fact that's part of the reasons for getting people used to the idea of sucker punching if necessary. The entire idea is to be the first to establish an offense and do everything you can to immediately overload your opponent.

In fact, in my training and observing of PDR training, the assumption is that the attacker will fight back. They don't assume that the person has formalized martial arts training, but is someone who commits habitual acts of violence. Which statistically speaking, is what you're probably going to be dealing with.

Again, I can't speak for all programs.

- Matt