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Roidie McDouchebag
7/24/2002 2:38am,
Have you ever encountered my style of counter-trolling techniques :D? I know you don't like it, but I think it's more effective than normal moderating and it actually bugs you which I've never seen any mod do THAT before ;).

7/24/2002 9:51am,

There was a Legend known as GDtheTrain.....he saw that edited story you made, and started making fun of me.

But my Trollinh genius remembered that he had a picture online...........so I a a hold of it and photoshopped it.
I have Osama Bin Laden gangbanging GDtheTrain.

Your method does not work on me........the great HTML Hacker Alpo from MMA.com of Ninjitsu Era edited my threads in a similar way like you did BUT it wasn't effective...

I even got a new screen name (Helio Gracie) so everything he adds to my threads is making Helio Gracie look bad.

Roidie McDouchebag
7/24/2002 2:09pm,
Helio Gracie doesn't speak English let alone type it or surf the internet so that wouldn't make him look bad. So here are your options:

-Stop trolling stupidly
-Continue to be made to look a fool

I won't ban you, but if you keep being stupid, I will continue to edit your posts.