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7/08/2004 6:13am,
for the grapplin doods- whats your favourite submission holds? I've been trying the kimura lately and I can get a reasonable amount of success considering I havent been doing judo long, but it is a bit difficult to get the wrist down without muscling it (unless im wrestling one of my mates who doesnt do judo)

Im working on my armbar and my strangleholds as well atm and I would appreciate any tips :D

as for throws, I don't like to use hip throws much because I'm usually taller than everyone else (despite being 5'10... yes, everyone at my dojo is built like brick) we were going through some basic throws and my instructor said my best one was by far tai otoshi-

but I feel its a bit slow to set up and kinda obvious. also, im left handed, for what its worth.

7/08/2004 6:41am,
my bread and butter throws are tani othoshi and osoto gari. on the ground it depends on positioning.

mount- juji gatame
side mount- ude garame
kesa- the armbar where you use your legs, can't remember the name
guard- i generally start with a X choke then from there i use his reaction to transition to my next move. since judo doesn't allow me to sit here long i have to be alot more agressive than when i have a top position.
back mount- rear naked choke (hadaka jime) or the "scissor choke" are my favorites

7/08/2004 6:55am,
Armbar, triangle or RNC most of the time.

7/08/2004 6:58am,
yeah ive used the RNC a few times. no fun though when you use it on someone who has about 50 pounds on you and they roll on top of you :D tapped out a few people with it though

x choke? im not sure what that is... do you mean a gi choke? from the side mount it depends wh im fighting, if im in a side mount against someone my size I usually go for the ude garame as well (or just hold them if i have a real good pin.... I find pins boring though) but i find it less effective vs stronger opponents... although I can then go for kata gatame. I have nice strong arms so I can get a tapout from that usually.

7/08/2004 7:30am,
A sample list:

Chokes: RNC, Juji, ashi, sankaku
Locks: Ude, Wakigata, gyaku juji, ashi gatame, kimura, juji gatame, hiji makikomi
Throws: harai goshi, koshi guruma, kosoto gake, ko uchi, ouchi gari, ushiro goshi

To name just a few.

7/08/2004 7:37am,
from the guard, there are is a lock I have a great deal of success with. I scoot my hips back, plant my left hand down, sit up, and go for a simple sweep. Most times, people who know me and have rolled with me know exactly what I'm going for, so they move their weight forward. I simply use my left hand to grab their right hand, which usually will be posted on the ground to support them, reach over and through their arm and grab my own wrist. Then I lean back down to the guard while twisting their arm up towards their head and over towards their opposite shoulder. I have had great success with this, and if they don't block the sweep, its' a freebie. Let me know what you think.

7/08/2004 7:39am,
You do this while they are punching you in the face?

7/08/2004 7:54am,
Someone phone Helio Gracie, there's a new move on the boards.:rolleyes:

7/08/2004 8:18am,

cross choke- reach one hand in to the opposite collar, up as far as you can get it.( easier with fingers in gi, thumb out.) reach second hand up the same way, crossing your arms. pull down and raise your elbows up. if you cannot get second hand in you can reach just about anywhere on the collar to do it. also you can do it no gi by grabing the shoulders but it is not nearly as effective.

7/08/2004 8:27am,
"pull down and raise your elbows up"

No, pull them in close together.

7/08/2004 10:48am,
BnB... O soto gari, tai otoshi, lots of foot sweeps.

Ground, BJJ of course. LOL

7/08/2004 10:51am,
Originally posted by SLJ
"pull down and raise your elbows up"

No, pull them in close together.

Depends on your grip and what position you are in.

7/08/2004 11:12am,
Originally posted by SLJ
"pull down and raise your elbows up"

No, pull them in close together.

I know I'm n00b to this, but I thought you had to turn the wrists, pull your elbows towards you and expand your chest and not trying to force your elbows in any direction (except towards yourself).

Have I been told bullshit then?

7/08/2004 11:15am,

7/08/2004 11:16am,
Another version:

7/08/2004 12:05pm,
god damn explaining online is shitty,

as you are pulling down towards your chest your elbows should more or less forced farther open. if you get his head all the way to your chest, you had to move your elbows out from inbetween and to either side. i guess it's not so much up but out. easy to show, hard to explain. regardless i am speaking about the choke in the 2nd picture of ronins except from a full guard