View Full Version : Questionable instructors contacting us

7/07/2004 10:13pm,
Lately, we've had a few instructors posting on the board, like ironfist from the ultimate sprawl thread. usually, it's because someone puts up a link and like half the site clicks the link and watches. the teacher is like wtf my bandwith is being eaten, and he checks whats going on. so i'm thinking, to save the world from bullshido, if you see a mcdojo site that has a video on it, put it up and everyone click the crap out of it. then we can harass teachers personally.

7/07/2004 10:33pm,
For the record I don't think IronFist is a questionable instructor. If you wanted to learn Bujinkan he sounds like a good guy to go to.

7/07/2004 11:27pm,
well he "was" in queston, but he's proven himself fairly logical.

Don Gwinn
7/07/2004 11:56pm,
Was he the guy with the shoot and knife defense videos? I didn't realize he posted. I thought the knife was good (better than what I was taught, frankly, in Hockheim's system) but the shoot thing was a little weird. I guess now I have to read the damn thread.

7/08/2004 12:43am,
It's a semi-interesting thread that gets pulled into Bujikan debates...