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7/07/2004 6:31pm,
Am currently researching to see how valid this story is as it is said to have taken place in my hometown.

Here is what I have so far. Feel free to post on the message board / message the author.


This morning in the back alley...

"sexy geek" Member (566 Posts) - 12:18 PM 5-Jul | edit

There was quite the event.

The back alley to where I work is awful. One of the worst ones in Vancouver, or so I have heard. We call the cops on the crack addicts back there all the time. Its a pretty scary back alley to walk down, even in day light.

This morning, a 45 year old business man was on his way to work, when 2 alley guys jumped out of a door way to hold him up. They were armed, demanding his wallet.

This business man is apparently a expert in tae kwon doe. He took down BOTH of the assailants, kick their asses but good, and proceeded to toss them both into a large dumpster and close the lid.

He then called the cops.


The cops arrived, got both men out of the dumpster and found the gun in there to.

I love it that this business man tossed them in a dumpster. Good for him!


source: http://www.clubvibes.com/forum/topic.asp?topic_id=280825

7/07/2004 6:46pm,
Yeah, that is bullshit.

7/07/2004 7:19pm,
tkd has t3h dumpster

Celtic Samurai
7/07/2004 7:49pm,
That's because the "business man" was really Bruce Wayne. It had nothing to do with TKD.

7/07/2004 8:10pm,
if by TKD you mean telekenesis, I've heard that story before.

7/07/2004 9:33pm,
I love how the site completely accpets the story as true.

Oh, and of course tkd worked, it was t3h str33t.

7/07/2004 9:43pm,
coming soon http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=t3h+str33t&r=f

7/08/2004 1:06am,
i don't find this story very arrousing

7/08/2004 1:50am,
Needless to say, I will not be using the back entrance anymore.

7/08/2004 9:05am,
Crap, crap, crap.

Who cares if it's true or not? Somebody's been watching 'The NeverEnding Story' too much.

7/08/2004 9:06am,
Am i suppose to get horny after reading this?

Don Gwinn
7/08/2004 9:28am,
Yeah, that's fishy.

However, I do have a story about "Master Perry," the guy my teacher claims as his teacher (actually, he was only his last TKD teacher.) I worked with a guy last year who told me the story of the time he and two of his friends got their butts kicked in a bar in a small town nearby. One guy was essentially out of the fight after being knocked out of a chair, but the other two were in a serious scrap. This guy told me he didn't really expect a fight, they were just messing with Perry (didn't know who he was at the time) but then one of his friends used an unfortunate racial epithet and he had just enough time to think "Oh, ****" and throw a punch.
All he really remembered about the fight itself was that Perry was fast, it was hard for both of them to reach him at the same time and he didn't kick them (which only really occurred to him after he found out Mr. Perry was a "Master" of TKD.)

Because this story was told by the supposed loser, I tend to believe it's true. Whether it shows anything about TKD, or just means not to mess with Mr. Perry, I don't presume to know. I've never met Perry and so have not asked him about it. I would have expected at least low kicks from a TKD master, but apparently these guys weren't stopping his hands, so maybe he just figured he'd keep doing what was working until they made him stop.

7/08/2004 9:56am,
Has anyone ver TRIED to throw an unconsious body into a dumpster ??
Its not easy man, its freaking dead weight !!
Much less 2 bodies !!

7/08/2004 10:06am,
I'm probably asking for trouble but... how many dead ... uh... I mean... unconscious bodies do you throw into dumpsters in a given week, ronin69???!

7/08/2004 10:09am,
Originally posted by liuzg150181
Am i suppose to get horny after reading this? "A Rousing TKD Story" ... not ... "An Arousing TKD Story" ...

However if anyone has THOSE kind this is probably as good a thread to post them as any!

7/08/2004 10:16am,
Originally posted by shironinja
I'm probably asking for trouble but... how many dead ... uh... I mean... unconscious bodies do you throw into dumpsters in a given week, ronin69???!

I gave up my "body disposing" when I got married, before that...oh I would think about 3 per night ( Usually Friday and Saturday, but sometimes Thursday too).