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12/19/2002 12:44pm,
I was just looking through the database, and I noticed that Hom Do wasn't on there, and neither was CDT. So I had a look for the Hom Do website, but its miraculously vanished. Its a shame really, because I wanted to learn more about this wonderful 5000 year old fighting art that requires you to trek to an Indonesian volcanic island. Also the CDT website seems to have changed a bit, removing any description of Hom Do from it.
Anyone able to help? Maybe a cached copy of the site? It would be terrible if this mystic art vanished purely because the website folded.

12/19/2002 1:41pm,
I have never even heard of Hom Do did you just make it up?

Don't get carried away asshole because I'm gonna give you a fight that you'll never forget!

12/19/2002 2:06pm,
No it is for "real". Mr. P who is the innovator of the CDT, credits his training to the art of Hom Do.

Jeremy M. Talbott

12/19/2002 2:08pm,
Hom Do ? dont sound like it came from indonesia, sounds korean with a "do" at the back.

"said and done"

12/19/2002 2:13pm,
It doesn't translate in Korean that I know of. Unless I can see the Chinese character for the name.

Jeremy M. Talbott

12/19/2002 2:15pm,
homdo is bullshit.

I owned you the minute you woke up!

Your All Tools
12/19/2002 11:47pm,
I don't know about Hom Do being real or not, but Tom Patire is. I recently saw a documentary on the A&E network that showed Patire and a bunch of other Instructors teaching at some kind of camp in Pennsylvania. They were shooting automatic weapons and doing all sorts of high level tactics and counter terrorism type training. What amazes me is that this guy whatever his background is now teaching non-deadly because after watching the special he is definitely capable.

It actually looked like fun. Did any one else see this special?

Y.A. Tools

12/20/2002 4:33am,
Have a look at this, where it explains a bit of the background of Hom Do
http://pub75.ezboard.com/fmartialartsworldwidefrm1.showMessage?topicID=258. topic
Sadly, no link to the Hom Do website. When I saw it I laughed so hard I snorted some food out of my nose. I originally thought the site was a fake, but it was linked from the CDT website at the time.

12/20/2002 9:12am,
The above info was taken from a book put out by Mr. Patire called Body disruption Techniques written by Mr. Patire. After looking at the book and reading the description of Hom Do it seemed to me that this man is a Steven Seagel wanna be. he claims to train agencies such as the FBI, CIA and Navy Seals just to name a few. But what it really comes down to is that he has trained select people who work for the above agencies and not the agency itself. THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE IN TRAINING A PERSON WHO MAY BE A SEAL OR AGENT AND HAVING A CONTRACT TO TRAIN THE WHOLE AGENCY ITSELF. Mr. Patire likes to blow his resume out of proportion and make claims such as the one above. goto his site and check out his resume, he has posted letters of thanks and certificates there that really mean nothing. He knows or has trained a person in the government and then asks them to please write him a thank you letter. His certificates are the same certificates all of his CDT instructors get for teaching free seminars at the different organizations they present to "i know people Personally with the same pieces of paper he posts on his site."

if you look at his resume he is only 42 years old, but has done everything from getting a collage degree, training over seas for at least 8 years on some island, done protection work in Russia and third world countries, and even claims to have been a personal bodyguard for Eddie Van Halen, Chris Rock, Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, and even Janet Reno I could go on for ever with this but I'll stop here with the names". Just read some of the stuff he writes and some of his interviews and you'll see that everyone is a little different with stories and timelines overlapping.

checkout his site below

12/20/2002 10:16am,
I've also re-evaluated my opinion of realfighting.com based on the close links between it and cdt-training.com

12/20/2002 11:27am,
Mr. Patire knows a lot of people and spends a lot of money in advertising with these magazines and websites that he writes for and gets interviewed by. I guess it's not what you know that matters but instead who you know. if hom do and Mr. Patire's resume were true then why won't he just answer the questions people have asked him in the past? he is selling CDT a product he has put together he says because of his years of "live" experience and background well then if that's the case then his resume becomes VERY important because people are buying his product based on who he claims he really is. I think Mr. patire is a ninja because he throws up a lot of smoke screens.
it's amazing to me that with all the cdt schools in the country not one person has pressured him for the truth.

12/20/2002 12:50pm,
TOM PATIRE is a FRAUD..... simple as that. Don't believe the hype. he is so full of **** it's not funny.

I owned you the minute you woke up!

12/20/2002 1:43pm,
Balloonknot is see you're from Ireland. have you ever met patire or had a run in with him? i know there is quite a few people out there that he has rubbed the wrong way so to speak.

12/20/2002 1:58pm,
i once attended a bodyguard seminar given by Patire in the paramus nj area. it was a lecture about getting into the field of personal protection. i'll never forget what his response was to the question "how does a person get a professional resume together when their new to the field of security?" his response was this: lets say your doing security for a club in nyc and LL Cool J is going to be the Guest performer. If you are working for the club and provide security for the club while LL Cool J while he is in the club, you can put on your resume that you have worked for LL Cool J. after hearing this and then seeing how patire promotes himself and throws names around it makes one wonder if he ever really was anyone's PERSONAL BODYGUARD being a personal bodyguard means you are your clients right hand man and are hired by them personally and not just being in the right place at the right time.

hell if the advice patire gives in true then any person who works security for lets say madison square garden can say their the personal bodyguard for the ny knicks, ny rangers, billy Joel, elton john, rush, the who and so on.

12/20/2002 2:02pm,
WOW Balloonknot may i ask what was your falling out all about with patire? did you train or work with him?

12/20/2002 2:28pm,
No, I would never train with a fraud. Why would I? I happen to know better! I'm tired of frauds like him running around taking people's money. The piece they did on TV about him was funny. It won't be the last time a TV station promoted some self-acclaimed fraud. I'd like to throw him around for the fun of it. Although, it's a against my nature to start a fight, with him, I wouldn't mind. I'd love to expose him, with witnesses. Can you set it up?

I owned you the minute you woke up!