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12/27/2002 10:27am,
"Cheung's Tactical Defense (CTD) is an integrated system incorporating existing techniques and procedures directed towards the safety of those employed in law enforcement."

This may be drifting a little offtopic...but is this deliberate?

The X Student
12/27/2002 1:11pm,
Dear Mr. Patire and Members of McDojo,

My real name like many of yours will be kept anonymous at this time. I am a former associate of Mike Malandra. Yes, the same Mike Malandra that attempted to sue you (Tom Patire), and after shaking your hand, settling your differences and giving his word, decided to attempt to smear your name behind your back. I write this letter because it no longer has become a joke but an obsession. Let explain how:

When Sensei Malandra decided to protect his name, really his ego, after you and him had a war of words on a statement he wrote about CDT, he was urged by his wife to call his friend and Lawyer Vince. Yes he is the same lawyer that got laughed off of the Mc Dojo site and yes he was the same lawyer that backed off the suit went Phrost gave him a lesson in law. If you run Mr. Scilari's name and credentials, and I am sure you or your legal firm did, you will see he is small time and not on the A or even B list of top lawyers, but that's another story. When you and Malandra had your legal meeting that you called for or at least thatís what Malandra told all of us, it was called for not out of fear but to settle a disagreement between former friends. I don't know what really went on at the meeting except what Malandra told us, but one night we all went drinking and he went on a Patire tangent with Jeff Eisenberg who I am sure you realize with the help of Phil Dunlap started this entire smear campaign. Mike and Jeff like to drink and to be fair to Mr. Dunlap who I never witnessed under the influence like Mike and Jeff, they get "Patire Crazy." Mike made statements that he said he told you he paid over $10,000 in legal fees and then laughed and said Vince does my work for free even the McDojo letter. Mike also knew that he would lose in court to what he called your high price attorneys so to try and frame you and make his case stronger he filed a police report on you that Jeff Eisenberg witnessed saying you made threats against him. Mike makes bold statements and says he will go with anybody anywhere and as a former student and friend I wondered, "Why would a guy who's so tough file a police report on hearsay? Why doesn't he just go and face the guy (Patire) one on one and settle the differences? Well, that was a question I asked some of the other martial arts instructors that I have also trained under Mike DePasquale, Jr. and Jay Lally, who teaches Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Both have expressed a dislike for Malandra as a snake and weasel and someone who has wanted the spotlight for the longest time but will never get it do to the lack of talent and humility. They went on to say that sometimes Patire can be hard headed but both worked with you in the security profession and say your talents outweigh your negatives but you do have a mean streak. Malandra also knows what you are about and that is why he went to protect himself under the so-called legal shield. I also overheard Eisenberg say that he was going to lure you up to mend things with Malandra and then have you arrested. That never happened.

As these guys plotted they first went to the F.A.S.T. Defense site and used names that were synonymous with F.A.S.T. Defenses Mike S. The article ME that I am sure you realize was Malandra and Eisenberg with Dunlapís behind the scenes instruction was what they thought would be your ruination. They then got their small network of allegiance to go into the article and respond under different names. Jason Melendez, Malandraís student that we all witnessed crying during his Black Belt Test was also involved. In fact if
you go back into certain responses, I am sure you have them, [email protected] is Malandraís wife's email account but Mike Malandra uses it to write his posts about Patire, Hom-Do, CDT and your security profession. He also writes about himself under different aliases. This all happens in the early mornings and also in the evenings. Again the obsession grows.

Malandra then scanned the Hom-Do manual introduction on different message boards. I know that you know that is copyright infringement and none of the others I spoke about knew you then. I first saw the manual when Malandra would talk about his affiliation with you and how the schools would work out together. Itís a shame how things have changed. For some unknown reason he thought that the martial arts world like NAPMA, FAST DEFENSE and others would support him, but that did not happen. Later in the summer Jeff Eisenberg held a barbecue in which they tried to recruit Dave Vanderhoff against you also. Mr. Vanderhoff can verify what I'm saying. In fact he just posted on the McDojo site under VAN, so why doesnít someone just ask him. Dave did not buy into anything they said even though they did their best to try and sway him, especially Eisenberg. Then they again went into the McDojo site and using different alias's they kept responding to their own statements. While doing this they were irate when your stuff was pulled from the F.A.S.T. Defense site and then later from the NAPMA site. Why, because they thought they had allies but it only makes the site look classless when you post negative so I assume that is why they took it off. Either way for people in there mid to late 30ís it was a childish prank and that is when I started to grow distant from these guys, mainly my former teacher Mike Malandra. I am not sure if his father was involved but due to his age and I have seen him decline over the years, I will keep him out of this.

I asked Malandra once that if you hate this guy meaning Patire and if he is a fraud why do you still have all of the certificates he gave you on your wall and why do you mention your CDT certification, which you no longer have, on your website. The answer again is simple if he took down the letters from you, the CDT Certification from you, the Bodyguard Hall of Fame from you, his law enforcement certifications from you and his only Bodyguard certification, again from you his walls would be left with a few certificates from his father and a few pictures of him working for Andrew Dice Clay, who we all know is washed up. Another thing I donít understand is why you would announce you were going to teach tactics to the FBI and The U.S. Marshals with Mr. Patire and now you state under these false names he never did it. How about the comments you made about the A & E special when everyone knows you were on the show itself as a student getting your bodyguard certification, or at least that is what you announced to the entire school. You even told us the time and date to watch it.

To me this is turning out to be a sickness. In my opinion Patire, doesn't respond to any of these so-called allegations, why because he is building his business and all businesses have positives and negatives, especially if you are in the spotlight. Mike DePasquale, Jr. told me that he himself has dealt with problems like this, but you canít please everyone. He also said that there are more smart people that know what is true and what is not and the other people will just continue on there envious road. Another Instructor made the best
statement he said they make statements about how they will do this and do that to people like Patire and then they say that these guys in the so called spotlight are hiding. The funny part that Mike D said is a guy like Tom Patire or myself can be found at our offices, at our training centers or on the road. He even publicize his schedule on his website, so I ask you who and how is anybody hiding.

When I thought it was all over a guy named Lord Hummungus went and replied to the falsehoods they wrote. While in conversation at a NHB school in Bergenfield I met a guy who knew you, Patire. His name was Dave P. We talked about you and your background and he said he trained with you and even though he was not impressed with many guys he did say Patire trained a guy named Darren who was very good. Dave also said he worked security with you, Patire, and that you were a lot crazier when you were younger. He said you would never back down and now that heís kind of a celebrity he has to worry about legal problems, thatís probably why he does answer these babies that hide behind tough guy names. He also said you, him and a guy name Drew were some tough guys but both of you had Lodi attitudes and would knock each otherís training. He said he wrote the Lord thing and after talking with you he said it was probably not the smartest thing to do but you understood his point. He also went on to say that he always thought you were a Ju Jitsu Black belt and your training center was called Hom-Do but then he says, hey the guy came up with an idea, CDT and almost went bankrupt doing it and now that he has made it, people hate him. But lets be real, people that are not successful hate anyone that is. Dave P. then told me that a guy emailed him in reply to the Lord comments and he sent the email to Tom. Tom then called me and said that's the guy I told you about and sure enough it was Mike Malandra. Malandra was then invited to show at Dave P.ís school and just like Mike he never showed up. Dave went on to say I know Tom and he is a smart business guy so I am sure he is building his case.

Eisenberg bragged on how he would stay up clicking your article so it became number one. Very professional for instructors that are supposed to be leading by examples as school owners. Eisenberg also made the mistake of saying how he wrote the OPIE article against Bill Stevens, one of your students who stuck up
for you. He also said Bill emailed him, Jeff responded to the email because brilliant Jeff left his real email address. Jeff said in front of me that he wasn't going to respond to it anymore because he was afraid of getting caught. When the article was written about Malandra The Red Headed Freak, his ego just couldn't take it. You could see he was bothered by it all the time. In fact when he responded to the article about himself he said he was a guy named Vinnie from Hackensack, but the smart ass left his [email protected] address. Click the article and you will see Vinnie, is Mike. Now that's is really off the wall.

The last time he targeted you, Tom Patire he listed himself as Topfighter and when he was cornered by Balloonknot to set up the meet he backed out of it. I know Malandra's is in his mid 30's but you can never know by his actions. For a long time during this embarrassment Phil Dunlap would make a few cameos
under aliases but when he was cornered and then later exposed he also backed down. The thing that scared Malandra the most was when a real person challenged him for money and he backed down. He was unnerved just by reading the guys challenge. That is when Dunlap tried to cover his tracks but even Phil was
embarrassed by the way Mike Malandra acted out of haste writing that email which was backed by ego not credibility. Eisenberg is no angel and in many cases also fuels the fire but by looking at Malandra's mass email list which is here: [email protected], [email protected]; Ross Cohen;
[email protected];[email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected], you can see the guy has no friends; no network and no threat against you or anyone he is so called trying to destroy. You can see that the last email is Dave V. who will validate everything I said in writing.

I am sure this charade will continue but the real problem is everything you Patire do like your new kids program, Malandra is following on your coat tails. His latest adventure is he is working on a video for children. Why, who knows, he does not have the capital, or least that is what he says because he is always crying about money, that is why he uses his friend as a lawyer, who by the way Malandra said also wrote in against you on this site, but more so than that is he himself is trying to father kids but like many do is having his own problems. I don't mean that negatively and I do wish him well, but an instructor from your organization said Tom Patire only realized what kids are lacking in safety when he had a child and just by following his footsteps he developed some type of children's safety program. Maybe if Mike stops thinking about you and relaxes a little bit then God will be good to him and give him the blessing of an offspring.

I can go on but my reason for this is not to add to the fire but hopefully make a former instructor/friend grow up and move on to more constructive things. Should it get worse and I heard about the threats against your
Son, I will contact you in person. I want you to know Malandra and Dunlap may not like you but I have never heard of them mentioning your family. I cannot say that for Eisenberg.

I assume you probably know most of this but now the McDojo people will know how all of them were made fools of just because of a minor disagreement between friends that blew up into a smear campaign.

Letís hope itís a better New Year.

The X-student

12/27/2002 6:54pm,
Hey "Van" Dude,

Is it true what the Red Headed Crew tried to do?
They need some serious re-alignment if it is.

By the way what's up with you and the Wastrel, is he one of the Red's or did he bluff you down?

I'm new so I want to get right in the fire, so feel free and balst away!

This Forum is a paradise for the troublesome!

12/27/2002 11:47pm,
am the one who wrote the original Patire article on this site. My name is Mike Singer and I have never made any attempts to hide or disguise my identity. I got involved in the discussion with Patire on the FAST site and got very frustrated by his refusal to answer direct questions. I reacted with frustration and it was probably ill advised to waste energy on the matter so I dropped it and have not posted on here for some time.

For the record I do not know the Malandras, or Eisenberg but I do know Phil I used to train with him around 3 years ago and have since moved. I have also met both Patire and DePasqaule at seminars over the years. After writing the piece I have been accused of being part of a conspiracy and of being Dunlop after sticking up for him but sorry my opinions and questions are my own. Mr Patire is a man selling a product and if he is on a forum promoting himself and his products he must expect questions and will deal with them as he so chooses it's his right and my right to ask them.

I am done with Mr Patire and do not plan on having a dispute with you about the whole thing as to me it is old news. You are going to believe whatever you want anyway

Mike S

The Wastrel
12/28/2002 1:20am,
Van and Tart Do: I have absolutely nothing to do with any of this, and don't want to. I think if you had actually READ my posts you would see that I have made no slanderous remarks, and have only asked reasonable questions about certain claims. Tart Do, Van sent me a rather juvenile personal email accusing me of being a comic book obsessed adolescent because I questioned the necessity of horse stances to fight-training. He didn't respond to my forum request to use his personal email address, so I dropped the matter. When he asked about "fake email addresses" I took offense, and feel that was reasonable.

**The most miraculous power that can verifiably be attributed to "chi" is its ability to be all things to virtually all people, depending on what version of the superstition they are attempting to defend at any given moment.**

12/28/2002 9:29am,
Hey, Sing-Sing or me,

I found this on the Patire Post. Are you this dude or are you like hiding baby.

"By David S. October 05 2002 I find it immature and cowardly that the author of this HOMDO article "ME", uses a screen name of a legitamate and knowledgable martial arts person "mike s".

ME is not Mike S, who posts regularly on the FAST Defense Discussion Forum and is an aquantence of mine."

So since this Patire dude in non-deadly lets set up a talent forum between you the instigator and him the target and then we can have PHROST BABY play it on the site and lets see who can really back this crap up. My gut tells me your weasling because your plan was expose by an OG from your own, but all McDojo shall see. No answer no believe. You answer I will call the Patire Dude. No worries ME the dude is non-deadly.

My cuzzin Jes said maybe if you are with FAST DEFENSE and looking at their chat room they have no traffic, maybe like wormy business guys you started this with the Kipp Dude to try and steal some business. Man if tha's true FAST DEFENSE is done on the circuit.

But what beats all is Malandruff saying he was the Vinnie Dude and said he has "Anger Management" problems. Me my backesides agree this dude has problems but they are mental.

"Im so bad that I kick my own ass."

12/28/2002 12:00pm,
Is anyone else as confused by this CDT/FAST/RAP/Hom Do soap opera as I am? It's like a car wreck, I want to look away but I can't.

12/28/2002 4:30pm,

BTW, does anybody know if Patire has actually showed up in court to testify for one of his CDT grads?

12/28/2002 4:49pm,

I wonder how much coin all these systems make from our free talk on THEE SITE.

12/28/2002 5:33pm,
This is getting fucking rediculous. Couln't this **** be put in just one thread instead of the other 50 running around?

12/29/2002 11:27am,
Now that my name and ridiculous lies have been posted, I will respond on personal level,
which is something I have refrained from doing. Before I get into all this current stuff, lets go back to the beginning which is the
fallout between tom & mike. mike was online
a few days after 9/11 and some guys were talking about how if people on the planes knew cdt it could have prevented the tradgedy.
mike posted that while he felt cdt was a good thing for security and law enforcement non
deadly situations, it was his opinion that it was not the proper response for a terroist attack in
which the subjs would rather die at all costs.
He said nothing personal against tom.
The cdt guys who did not agree with mike and went nuts! Mikes coments were shown to tom, and tome-mailed evrey cdt member
(except me), an e-mail full of personal attacks against mike. One statement was that mike had been thrown out of cdt, when infact mikes
cert had expired months before any of this and he had chosen not to renew. Toms e-mail was shown to me by a friend of mine, and just like that, I was now in the middle. I chose to show Mike the e-mail, due to my loyalty to our friendship, what he did with the info was his choice and right. I also went to see tom at his office out of loyalty to my instructor, and told tom the whole situation. At this meeting tom
yelled about mike and his father and told me he did not care if I told mike what was said, which I did. One of those things was tom telling me that mike was lucky he wasn't at his school the times tom had gone up there because tom was so angry he didn't know what would have happened. Mike took the actions of filing a police report and sueing tom. After this my only involvement was detailing to mikes lawyer the same things I am wrting now. The lawyers set up a meeting between mike & tom.Also present besides lawyers were mikes dad, & phil, and on toms side were darren & rich. I was not at this meeting, and was told that most of it consisted of rich bad mouthing
me the whole time, and it seemed to those present that instead of tom taking any responsibility, I was made the scapeoat, when I was the only one to try and do right by both sides. The result of this meeting was that tom agreed to apologize to mike through a mass e-mail to cdt people. Shortly after this my cert was was not going to be up for renewal because I "didn't make my quota"
Though there are many who do not make their quota and are still getting certified. As for my
drinking, I have done quite a bit with tom & cdt
people both in jersey & in our travels around the country! As for my barbeque, Dave v must be a great spy, because he was badmouthing
tom & cdt as well,and had done so long before the barbeque! Besides who cares what Is said between 3 people at a barbeque where the other 20 present have nothing to do with the arts or the issue, and don't care about
a conversation there not in? As for billy stevens, the only involvement I have had with him, is when he started a topic putting down schools that charge for test fees. I addressed the fact that he had gone up significantly in
rank in one night for doing just that, paying a fee. I asked why he did not mention that, and I did not use my name because I knew it would be attributed back to the tom thing which it had nothing to do with. I will always admitt what I think about the business of cdt based on my experience, but have never took it to a personal level. Now to move on to tthe current mess.One simple question started it all: Has anyone evr heard of hom do? When questions were posted about hom do & cdt I was interested.I was also dissapointed that
when tom did address the questions, it brought up more confusion then clarity but I feel toms ability speaks for itself and that if that wasn't enough for him and all is not as it seems then so be it. My main issue was once out of cdt and going through the bs of all of the above, I was thinking a bit clearer and had my own questions about the business end of it all. There was an ad running in magazines
making claims about how much money people were making. I confronted one of these people and they told me they weren't making the money claimed in the ad. Soon after this
the ad was pulled and I have not seen it since.
As for afraid of being caught, I am the only one
to go and face tom face to face in his own office and be honest with him and all sides!
In fact, no one came to me face to face to badmouth me, that was done in a meeting I wasn't at! I even told tom I saw mikes point and agreed with it! As for trying to get questions answered, using my name did not
promote objectivity to people who I had been bad mouthed to and I simply wanted some
truthful answers and info, and I did not think
my name would help in that search. It's funny
how this all pops up again after I complain to
silverman at ma success that all the columnists and article writers are people who spend alot of money on ads and use their
columns to hawk them or to name drop or carry on personal agendas. For all of you paying $80 bucks a month for ma success I do not think thats what you had in mind when you choose to join. So you see what I mean check out toms column in this months issue.
It deals with all of this and even mentions me.
I'm the guy who turned 38, has a school thats doing bad, and has to work security...now reality: I have a 100 person school, and I am a
private investigator. I do nanny cams, backround checks, sell cctv systems, surrveillance, and protection work. My protection work is nothing glamerous or vip,
like toms & my pockets aren't as deep, but all
my work lets me do well, live well,sleep at night, and lets face it, its better than having to deliver pizzas!

12/29/2002 11:54am,

This guy has mucho pyshcho head problems. He responded to a site filled with maniacs, boy is his ass - grass. Personally this stuff is a drag. I think maybe this bate head posted because he is in fear.

Hey VAN MAN did you also Bad Mouth the Italian guy. This has become the new Watergate, we will call it Bull-****-Gate.

Know can we stop bashing and do some crashing. Lets get the Jew to fight the Italian. Funny this is the only Jew that admits he has no money. He must really suck in the arts.

I say the Jew backs downs from the Italian.

Vote Here Jew Eisenberg or Tom The Italian.
Give me the word and I will set it up Phrost Man. My friend has a school in Texas and then get down in those woods.

Paranoid Sam you got a twin brother here. This guy is the total burn-out. By the way has anybody taken one of them Hom classes or are we just spitting words because on traditional bull.

By his writings I don't think the Jeff do is a P.I. more like a P.ON.

It's Time to vote and pass Judgement!!

12/29/2002 12:11pm,
Funny this is the only Jew that admits he has no money. He must really suck in the arts.

Great strategy, honey. Bigoted comments in response to a fairly reasonable, if badly typed, post is always a great why to ilicit sympathy and agreement. What does this guys religion have **** to do with anything he says? Refute him if you don't agree.

"I'm not tense; just terribly, terribly alert."

12/29/2002 12:24pm,
Hey Chickie,

Chill baby this ain't about religion. In my hood things are kool like this but see we don't talk we face-up and then shake. These guys are almost 40 years old they should cut it loose or kick some tail or better yet one should be a man and visit the other and settle this. This way we could discuss new threads, like what I'm wearing!

This site was meant to trash and create a noise rash but this subject is dead. Really baby who gives a **** about this noise. The guys writing are lacking in confidence or relations with their mates.

Chill Honey!!

12/29/2002 12:28pm,
I have a sneaking suspicion that Tart-Do has an agenda here. I just can't be arsed enough to care though.
Tarty boy... are you a CDT guy? yes or no.

12/29/2002 12:31pm,
NO but I am a match maker!!

100 wholesome made in the USA.

Dude I was funnin about the Paranoid thing but you really are.

Chill man this all for giggles. Many of these dudes that post are friends from the circuit. You do know the circut?