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12/21/2002 7:30am,
i don't know him Balloonknot. if your looking to expose him i'm sure there are many even hundreds of people out there who have had a falling out with Patire and know the truth behind his self proclaimed story. if you find anything out keep me posted

12/21/2002 7:39am,
Mr. Patire seems to have clever ways in avoiding the truth, taking the heat off him and putting it elsewhere. One of his tatic's is to talk highly and comend and talk highly about his compation and the top people in his field of security and martial arts so they won't go against him or come out and say what they know about his background.

It's amazing to me how many martial arts instructors teaching out there say their CDT master instructors and are proud of it. Just go to yahoo.com and search CDT and you'll see what I mean.

12/21/2002 12:02pm,
If you watch shows like COPS or Protect and Serve or any police video show you'll see how things really go down when a LEO has to handle even a small woman. If you see what Patire is selling, yes selling, you'll notice very little in common with how a real perp reacts and how Patires partners do.

One of my karate instructors has an instructor cert in it and has been trying to get me to do it. I don't think it'll be happening.

The Wastrel
12/22/2002 1:48am,
Hey Miguk, it could be the Sino-Korean phoneme found in: rough, rugged (homhada) or in test (shihom). What I think is that it's just some pseudo-asian untraceable word. (language people are so useful aren't they?)

* It's easier to fall down than to fall up *

The Wastrel
12/22/2002 11:42pm,
Your All Tools: WTF are "high-level tactics"? Also, door-kicking has absolutely NOTHING to do with martial arts. One of the most tiresome and persisten myths in the MA world is that elite American soldiers get all kinds of secret squirrel hand-to-hand training. A soldier is just a man with a rifle. There is no camp in Pennsylvania that is doing meaningful counterterrorism training that I know of. If it isn't in Virginia, Georgia or North Carolina, it probably isn't important.

* It's easier to fall down than to fall up *

Your All Tools
12/22/2002 11:59pm,

By high level tactics I am not referring to martial arts, but there were a lot of movement shooting drills that I have not seen since I left the military as well as the hand to hand that was shown was more advanced than your typical punch kick.

Y.A. Tools

The Wastrel
12/23/2002 12:37am,
Hey Tools, that's cool if you were calling it "high-level tactics". I thought that was what Patire was calling it. I didn't think you meant that it had anything to do with MArts. "Doorkicking" is a slang word for SOF type operations, counterterrorist stuff included. What service? BTW, I love that with your intitials. It makes me think T.S. Eliot or A.S. Byatt or soemthing.

* It's easier to fall down than to fall up *

12/24/2002 3:30am,
Tom Patires sire used to have a message board that got totally bombed by skeptics calling him out as a Fraud. It was pretty funny.

12/24/2002 8:05am,
your all tools, don't believe everything you see on tv. that show mr. patire did on a&e looked very cool but like others on this forum are saying "if his Training camp was so important it would be located in Virginia, Georgia or North Carolina.
once again if mr. patire had nothing to hide he would answer the questions that have been asked in the past. i mean he loves to talk about himself and sell his product CDT so why not just answer the questions at hand? If he's for real then this could only help him and shutup all the sceptics.

i think the only place hom do and any thing else that coomes out of his mouth exists is in his mind.

12/25/2002 11:17pm,
Found this on another board...

Please describe any and all arts you've practiced and your evolution through them.

Aikido from 7 - 12 years old, and obtained a Black Belt - very traditional based.

Study 14 - 16 Hapkido with a recreational group obtained a green belt, self-defense oriented techniques that were taught were fair to best.

Hom-Do - 16 years of age to present obtain a 7th degree Black Belt and Grandmaster of the Hom-do System (promoted two years ago when my instructor stepped down). It's an unknown system focused on a military mindset and is very direct in its applications. It was very demanding on the body but it encompasses the entire aspect of defense including hand to hand, grappling, one arm defense, weapons training - club, bladed and firearms. This system focused on third party protection as well as multiple assailant take-outs. I trained a minimum of four times a week.

Ju-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do and Heioshin-Do studied with fellow school owners in exchange for seminars, no ranking. Knife Throwing - Pendatta System"

5 Years to an Aikido BB as a kid of 7 - 12? But then it takes him 2 years to reach green belt in Hapkido?

12/25/2002 11:56pm,
Patire has a pretty cheesy two-page ad in Martial Arts Professional magazine. He's basically asking instructor's around the country to jump on the CDT bandwagon. I love this quote:

"Introducing Tom Patire's Training for Life - a new video series that CDT Certification Centers may proudly display in their pro-shops, with a proven 75% Level-One enrollment ratio"

Wow, 75%? That high, huh? Don't see how I could resist slick marketing like that. Must be big money in playing on people's fears.

12/26/2002 8:46pm,
Man there's alot of you guys complaining about CDT but I've tried many of you guys by e-mail, funny how none of the e-mails exsist. Same guy or what???


The Wastrel
12/26/2002 9:47pm,
Actually Van, you sent me a rather childish message, and I told you in the forum that I wouldn't respond to your personal email address without permission from you. You never answered, so I assumed you didn't actually want to discuss anything. I don't usually revert to such courtly behavior through email, but when the messages I receive are patently unfriendly and unpleasant, I choose not to respond in kind, indeed I prefer not to respond at all.

**The most miraculous power that can verifiably be attributed to "chi" is its ability to be all things to virtually all people, depending on what version of the superstition they are attempting to defend at any given moment.**

The Wastrel
12/26/2002 9:48pm,
Actually, that was probably totally futile. You didn't acknowledge my last board response.

**The most miraculous power that can verifiably be attributed to "chi" is its ability to be all things to virtually all people, depending on what version of the superstition they are attempting to defend at any given moment.**

12/26/2002 10:31pm,
So Van what's your insight into CDT? From what I've been shown it's made up of many less than reliable techniques. These are the techniques that in Jujitsu we used as distractions and setups to the next higher percentage move.
The main problem I have with CDT and Patire is that he's selling the system to civilians who are clueless to what they're getting into using his techniques. What are these people supposed to do with a perp if these work the way Patire says? What if they manage to get a perp in one of his locks on a dark lonely street? They've now caused pain to a criminal but haven't injured them, so what happens when the victim tries to run? Or if the perp hears a police siren do you think he'll not break out of what Patire is teaching?

12/27/2002 6:55am,
Without getting into childless name calling and making up stories, i wonder how Mr. Patire answers the questions about his training and security background when asked by his cdt and hom do people? i mean if i was part of cdt and spending all that money for his courses i'd want to know what the deal is. words and stories coming from his mouth aren't good enough here i'd want to see some certifactes and clearence information that he must have if he does all this militery and federel goverment training.
i wonder if he even owns a passport.