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2/19/2003 12:43am,
And I thought this thread had died. Silly me.

What would happen if a one hand clapper attempted to stop a tree falling in the woods when no one else was around?

2/19/2003 3:47am,
Ok... so this guy trained in Hom Do. I think we've already covered that in another thread, so I won't go there. :)

Many of the techniques I saw in his video clips look like pressure points and/or pain points. Sure, they may hurt someone, but that person will most likely hit you for your trouble. What then? Oh, and I love the way he just grabs guns out of people's hands. :)

Finally, I think this says it all:

Course Description: Licenses the instructor to teach and certify personnel in compliance (empty handed controlling and diffusion techniques), Last Resort Weapon Disarms and either Family protection OR Law enforcement.
(5 Day Course - Approximately 45 Hour Course)

I'm sorry, but WTF?!? Instructor in only 5 days? Well, I guess that would explain why so many of the techniques I saw looked like ****. Even when I saw what they were trying to do, many times the execution was sloppy.


2/19/2003 7:59am,
lol you're a class act Fuh-Q, and you say your a police officer? i come to Jeff's defense cause all he did was ask some simple questions about patire's background and all he got was slander and name bashing "kinda like your last post". if someone else asks the same questions and gets the same treatment then I'll come to their defense. anyway read X students post was that the "master" patire himself? i think so. anyway no need to reply to this post i see you're just as childish with your answers to the questions, as every other patire puppet. ya see you may not think this is fraud, but the better business bureau of NY and NJ think it is. you're a police officer do you're homework figure it out. you got a person selling a product based on his training, background and resume. if all he says is true then i guess it's not fraud, and if that's the case then tell your buddy patire to just answer the simple questions. the questions that every person buying his product have a right to know the answers to. remember the public is buying his product based on what he tells them, i hope he's not lying to them.

2/19/2003 2:16pm,
"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in"
I am not bjj, but since you are so obsessed with it, how about at my expense you schedule a polygraph? Would that satisfy you? Any way,
I have contacted every agency mentioned in cdt ads and toms resume, both locally and
on a federal level. cdt is not accredited, into any of thier training programs,nor is it contracted in any way as a training program
for the agencys he has mentioned. Nor could I find any "proof" of the numerous state and federal certifications and clearances claimed.
This is why the questions are now here.
The "FACTS" are that nothing can be substantiated and he refuses to provide the proof! There are quite a few letters of thanks,
and certificates of appreciation on his web site, but not one thing to prove any of the claims made. Why not? Wouldn't it be very easy just to post them and put and end to all this? The burden of proof is on the person making the claims, not
on me or the public to prove them false, and aren't I proving them false by not being able to prove them real? Don't you realize every time
you lash out at me personally you help prove me right? As for charades, you will not reveal yourself, nor will you come to my school , nor
will you answer the law enforcement questions I put directly to you. All you do is
insult and name call. I wonder what the almost 1000 people that have read this think about you and cdt...

2/19/2003 3:15pm,

You cost me eats. My instructor said you are obsessed and you would not Chill.

We did laugh about the 1,000 real Dudes who read this. Lets be square no body cares but you and FQ and you dudes should do the dance.

Jes asks with all the proof own CDT and call it EDT otherwise Chill.

This thread is going no-were.

2/19/2003 4:13pm,
Maybe you should ask your instructor why your
on this thread since you don't care...

The Wastrel
2/19/2003 4:19pm,
893 read.

**The most miraculous power that can verifiably be attributed to "chi" is its ability to be all things to virtually all people, depending on what version of the superstition they are attempting to defend at any given moment.**

2/19/2003 4:34pm,
Hey EDT,

Dude I ain't no cryin bitch punk from Jersee so be kool or stay the fool.

2/19/2003 5:34pm,
Please describe any and all arts you've practiced and your evolution through them.

Aikido from 7 - 12 years old, and obtained a Black Belt - very traditional based. Study 14 - 16 Hapkido with a recreational group obtained a green belt, self-defense oriented techniques that were taught were fair to best. Hom-Do - 16 years of age to present obtain a 7th degree Black Belt and Grandmaster of the Hom-do System (promoted two years ago when my instructor stepped down). It's an unknown system focused on a military mindset and is very direct in its applications. It was very demanding on the body but it encompasses the entire aspect of defense including hand to hand, grappling, one arm defense, weapons training - club, bladed and firearms. This system focused on third party protection as well as multiple assailant take-outs. I trained a minimum of four times a week. Ju-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do and Heioshin-Do studied with fellow school owners in exchange for seminars, no ranking. Knife Throwing - Pendatta System

You showed me aspects of Hom-do at your school, it looks very strong, like Daito-ryu jiu-jitsu, does it originate from that style.

I have never heard of the system that you mentioned. The roots of Hom-Do are very simple. It was Korean based but the creator of the system was exiled out of Korea for political reasons. He would later settle in one of the smaller islands in the Philippines where the system was labeled as a 'Jungle art". My instructor learned it while he was stationed in the area during his military career. He then brought it to the military world and I was the first one to bring it to the public world.

Were you ever a member of the armed forces or a police force?

I was not an active member of Law Enforcement but I was appointed to different positions when I provided protective services in certain areas. I was appointed as a Deputy Sheriff in Bergen County, New Jersey and I was also appointed as a Federale In Tampico, New Mexico when I was doing protective services work. I am involved in the federal government as well as in overseas governments as a tactics instructor and also as a contractor for protective services and child recovery. I maintain Federal and International military clearance as well as classified clearance to teach at the specialized camps here and abroad.

2/19/2003 5:50pm,
The body disruption series illustrated in this publication is from the special forces art of Hom-Do. There are no known books published on this diversified fighting art, which has been hidden from the public for thousands of years. To date there are only seventeen certified instructors of this specialized art in the United States and only two dozen worldwide.
Hom-Do is one of the martial art forms that for many years was considered too complex to be taught to the general public. The system has encompassed many principles of lever-age and balance combined with medical knowledge and restructuring of the body to devel-op a means of defense against any attacker. The passing of ancient secrets helped to devel-op the morality of life encompassed through the principles of fighting. This all started in a small village located somewhere near the Philippine Islands.
Since many villagers had to fight to survive, the system had to be diversified against all types of attacks and warfare conditions. For many years the Horn-Do system stayed among select village people who were selected and trained as the "protectors" of the village. The system was never discussed or shown in public by any of the villagers unless it was called to use for their self protection.
In the late 1960's a highly decorated military commander from the United States was stationed on this island. Only after saving the life of the village elder was he accepted by the people and invited to be trained in the ancestral art of Horn-Do. Each morning and evening he was put through the rigorous test of stamina, toughness and agility that was needed to be proficient in the art. After training there for over a dozen years, he came back to the United States with the blessing of the village elders to teach the art only to the percentage of stu-dents who were ready to sacrifice their pain and sweat to encompass a life of discipline, and to learn a fighting ability that was second to none.
As a teenager, I became the first student to study this complete martial art form in the tri-state area. I was taught the art of defense for many years until I was seasoned enough to learn the offensive techniques that a thorough fighting system should encompass. I am honored and privileged to hold a Fifth Degree black belt and to be regional director of all certified Horn-Do schools. In 1980 I founded Fighting Fit Systems, Inc. in Lodi, New Jersey where I am presently Chief Instructor. When I put my school into effect, under my teacher's blessing, I incorporated the belief of toughness, the theory of reading movement and interaction, and the total spectrum of realistic fighting as it pertains to the streets. My school's format keeps the traditional aspect of the Horn-Do System while it encourages the learning of all techniques with an open mind.
This Mini Manual will illustrate a series of knock out and disruption points that lie in the human body. Understand that the art of Horn-Do is very comprehensive and has many varied movements. Therefore only certain movements will be concentrated on in this publication.
Body disruption refers to the altering of internal fluids and nervous system patterns through the use of strategically placed strikes during a counter attack on a direct movement pattern initiated during an attack. Knock out points, on the other hand, can cause immediate results to a human body when executed with precision and penetration. When dealing with the aspect of defending yourself as an expert in the martial arts, you must be sure that you have the mind set and the ability to back it up. This type of training shows the diversity between a butcher and a surgeon. Realize that there is no short cut to being proficient, just good instruction and many hours of hard work. This manual will demonstrate and explain points of entry, but the best type of specialized training is achieved through a certified Horn-Do instructor.

2/20/2003 1:08pm,
I've been coming to this site on and off for a couple of months now. This patire posting intrigues me. Does he really make these claims? And do people really buy his products and believe all this?

2/20/2003 1:14pm,
god, will this damn thread ever end????? Die, die, die......

They call me:
"The Money Shot Guru"

3/21/2003 3:35am,
i came upon this site and found your debate on tom patire very interesting. i'm not sure how to reply or respond on this site, since i don't do chat rooms or discussion panels on line. i trained with tom for 12 years,long before the cdt program existed and i know the man very well. i can answer many questions about him and his associates. i will provide my true name for credibility and not hide behind an email address. i'm not sure how to enter this forum however please feel free to email me at [email protected] and i will share my knowledge privately or in an open forum

3/21/2003 8:06am,
I guess where to start is on tom's background. Every interview he's in or seminar he gives this information changes. Here are some questions to start:
1. What is home do?
2. Where did it come from?
3. Who taught tom and where did he train in this art?

To anyone responding to this thread please lets not have this turn into a slanderous battle. Thats disprepectful to everyone involved and to this forum.

1/07/2008 3:21am,
I have seen and participated in CDT and LRT classes and know first hand how effective these techniques are i have been introduced to the art of Hom Do from my master instructor who is currently a student in hom do and have found the techniques very severe if you have any doubts find a school from tom patire or another instructor out there who has trained in the hom do style and ask to see it's effectiveness i'm sure you won't be disappointed

1/07/2008 9:28am,
Quick somebody call the Vatican! This man just resurrected a long dead thread no one wanted to remember!