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7/06/2004 5:32pm,
I recieved the link to this thread from a friend:

http://www.internationalkenpofellowship.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=Open_cat;action=display;num=1088528 172

It regarding Kenpo guy whos rep is somewhat " :( " So to say....

It's required that you register, so if you want to read it and comment on it, please take the time.


7/06/2004 5:33pm,
what are your thoughts on it?

7/06/2004 5:39pm,
Well, with what I have been reading so far, it seems a bit rotten. If these guys are right.

Seems like a lot things dont match up, with dates and all. I dont know whether its fraud or what ever?....

7/06/2004 6:11pm,
can you cross reference it with anything?

7/07/2004 2:42am,
Well if you trust there guys, it seems THEY have cross ref'ed it. For all I'm reading most things don't add up. A lot of odd dates both with tha man's age, and when he was supposedly graduated.

The fact that he is not very interrested in getting in to the discussion also seems very strange. because I dont think they just want to flame the guy. Some of the other guys in the discussion on the "Kenpo fellowshipp" board seems to know alot about him...

7/07/2004 4:52pm,
I have been talking to a danish kenpo Practitioner, whome I just recieved the following from:.

Hello everybody. I am a Kenpo Practitioner from Denmark.I have been posting in the thread on Kenpo fellowship. But I would like to repeat what I said, for you all here:

This is the tale of Jørn Brandt as I know it. I have all the proof in emails. But all of the following is on my account and nobody else’s.
I was one of those who left Jørn Brandt after the European championships in Plymouth 2000, due to circumstances before and during the event.

It seems strange to me that JB would win a lot of tournaments where the rest of us didn’t go. And not when we went along.
In 1999 Holsterbro, Denmark hosted the European Championships in Kenpo, unfortunately JB couldn’t participate due to knee surgery. But only a fortnight later he was up and jumping around with no problems what so ever.
In England 2000 he had to forfeit due to a concussion, which allegedly happened when he fell in the bathroom. At the event a lot of Kenpo community was gathered (eg. Huk Planas, Lee Wedlake, Poul Dye, Ed Downey, Gary Elles, Jeff Speakman, Ingmar Johansson, Jaki M, Angelo etc) Whom would know what to look for, and how to spot a fraud.

Jørn Brandt claims that Frank Trejo has graduated him, the above mentioned confronted Trejo with that at a brotherhood dinner in England 2000.
Jørn Brandt also claims to have trained several places in the U.S, however he can’t mention any places nor any instructors. No one knows who, where or how he was graduated from white to 5th dan.

Jørn Brandt was a 1st dan when started teaching in Odense Kampkunsk Center Kenpo, only 14 days later he was a 5th dan.

The American Roger Wohletz taught Tai Chi in the 80’s, and is credited as the founder of Jørn Brandt’s kickboxing style “CHAKIBO”
Roger Wohletz was said to be 7th dan in Kenpo. But at that time there were no 7th dan teaching kenpo in Europe.

At Viking Camp 2000 in Sweden Jørn Brandt claimed to have received his 5th dan in American Kenpo in 1994. He also told that he was 36 years old, I only believed Jørn to be 34, but that would only make the story even more incredible.
According to this Jørn Brandt was 30(2 when he received his 5th dan.
Normally it takes two years from first to second dan, three years from 2nd to 3rd four years from 3rd to 4th and five years to graduate from 4th to 5th. Taking these numbers in consideration Jørn Brandt would have been 16
(14) when he graduated to 1st dan.
Another way is having a minimum of three years between each Dan graduation, this would mean Jørn Brandt would have been 18(16) when he received his 1st dan. However I have never heard of anyone doing it in the minimum required time.

Jørn Brandt claims to have received his black belt in the U.S. However he is not able to mention any specific school as he travelled a lot working as a security guard. If this is a fact he must have spend at leas three years of training before receiving his black belt, most people take 6-7 years before graduating to 1st dan. But even with the three years before graduating to first dan this would make him 15(13) and working as a security guard?!...

I find it interesting that the students of Jørn Brandt almost never participate in Seminars when international instructors are teaching in Denmark. In 1999 Jørn Brandt stated that there was nothing new to learn. Or is it a matter of fear. That he should discovered as a fraud, or atleast not be as skilled as he claims.
It also seems that he disapproves of his students participating in seminars.
Both with other Kenpo instructors. But also in other styles.
Another troubling subject is the diplomas. I have personally talked to many instructors from the U.S but none of them have ever heard of Jørn Brandt, or trained with. And neither have they ever graduated him.
I believe he has learned most of his skills from the Larry Tatum video collection. As we say in Kenpo: Monkey see, monkey do!
I have many serious accusations regarding Mr Brandt. Most of them do not belong in a public forum. But one fact I do like to state publicly, is the logo Jørn Brandt is using, Which Tatum also uses. Is NOT made by Jørn Brandt but by a former student of his.

The above is less than a fraction of the material I have gathered about Jørn Brandt. No doubt about it, he seem like a nice and trust worthy persons, until you compare his different versions of the truth.

There is more, so much more. But this will be all for now

Best Regards

7/11/2005 1:30am,
Hi all, this is my first post here, and I know the person in question, having once upon a time been a student under him, and I also know the individual known as KD.
I realise this is an old thread that I am resurrecting, but I would just like to add weight to the comments made by KD.

The club I train at were, as I said, once upon a time, affiliated with Jørn Brandt, but we left due to "issues" if you will.
Upon announcing our intent to move elsewhere, my instrutor was treated with the utmost discourtesy, and a threat was made that we were no longer entitled to our belts and should return them post haste.
When my instructor reminded him that we had paid (over the odds) for them, and earned the right to wear them, my instructor also offerered the opportunity for him to come take them himself, an offer which was never taken up.
Jørn Brandt and his wife, Lis, are members of LTKKA, and make claims to ranks/titles which are, at best, spurious.
The couple are currently under investigation by the Danish police for fraud and tax evasion related to the running of their club/organisation.

A word to the wise: Do not take this individual at face value, initially he can appear to be an intelligent honest and knowledgable practitioner, but I can assure you that appearances can, in this case, be decieving.

6/06/2013 5:31am,
Hi ..This is 'Roger Wohletz' speaking to clear a few things up. I was Jørn Brandts mentor in the mid 1980's . Jørn taught in my tai-chi school when I was giving instruction in classical Yang style tai-chi .In those days I used to live in Germany and travel to Denmark to teach in the aftenskole .I taught 'Combat tai-chi' in Odense at Klub 1748. I meet Jørn when he was in his early 20's and had come to one of my classes as a student.I noticed he was fairly skilled in kicking techniques . Jørn and I eventually went on a few years later aand made a collabaration in business .
In tai-chi we have no high kicks ,no did we have sport kickboxing .
Jørn was really good teaching young kids who loved all this high kicking .
Sometimes a instructor from another local Odense school would come over to Klub1748 to start trouble about what we were doing .
Jørn laid several people out on the ground who kept insisting.
I was 17 years older then Jørn and when people came to me i wasn't so polite as he was.
Anyway after awhile our school became accepted by default .
In the late 80's Jørn and I parted company and he established his own school.
LOL sometimes things got out of hand for him but he was a grown man now .
In 1990 Jørn and I worked together when he helped me sponsor George Xu .
Things went well for a few years ,then in the late 90s' Jørn meet Larry Tatum .
A few years afterwards Jørns kung Fu got much better !
Of course reading later he was a 10th dan made me laugh ..but for sure he was a 6th dan ..no doubt about it .
If any of you jokers had wanted to mess with him in those days..you better know what your doing ..haha .
Anyway ..Jørns belt ratings seem to be going sky high .
He was earning a lot of money ..he had a lovely wife !
A lot of those who complained were jealous in my view ,of course don't get me wrong Jørn would take your money .
Looking back what happened was amazing ,that a fool in a Kung Fu uniform had become so many peoples masters ?
Sifu Fu Ling Yu ..I salute you !

I studied under several well known Chinese Masters and hold advanced teaching diplomas under Masters Kai Ying Tung and Sifu George Xu ,both whom I studied under intensely for more then 25 years .
Before I came to Denmark from California..one of my martial art teachers rated me at the level of a 4th dan. I those days belts and degrees meant very little to us,it was more important to be able to prove ones 'metal' in actual street combat .
Some stupid piece of paper with a black belt are only symbols .
The real life confidence comes from who one really is..not what some paper says you are.
Stupidity is often confused for Fearless'ness .
I have seen many martial artists lose the true meaning of why people do all this stuff .
Teachers began worshiping money and praying of students who are fools .
The foolish student gets the correct teacher ..life makes no mistakes !
I suggest.. if anyone is angry at Jørn and wants to blame someone ..just look into the mirror for answers .
As for myself I have nothing particular to crow about ..
I have been tested in 100's of real fights .In 1999 I worked as the head bouncer/security ..public safety coordinator in Santa Cruz, Ca. USA ,in a large music venue.
I was employed at a well know public trust 'known as Vet Hall' and on weekends was in charge of crowd control at very large public music events in downtown Santa Cruz. I was responsible for public safety of up to 1000 people ,and had 10- 20 security guards under my command .
I received my 2nd teaching diploma under George Xu ,in Chen style tai-chi and 10 animal -6 harmony boxing ,which still has kung Fu clubs in Odense and Copenhagen today.
Over the past 40 years ..
I have certified and trained over a 100 teachers and have had 1000's of students in Germany,Italy;Danmark;Norway,England and Calif USA .
In 2000 I took all my black belt degrees (6th & 5dan ) and flushed it all down the toilet..haha .
Lets make one thing clear ..boards don't hit back !
I can confirn here to you all who are asking about Jørns background ?
Larry Tatum was Jørns real teacher .I meet Mr Tatum's in Odense in 1997 and witnessed his kenpo in action .Larrys kenpo it top rate and he can grind opponets up quicker then anyone can shout 'hel'p .
Master Xu was even worse ..he's killed a lot of people and put many of his challengers in hospital .
Jørn no doubt was a unique case .
His story came to tragic end a few months ago in Odense when I heard he died of a hart attack .Jørn was in his mid 40's .
I was looking to just say hello when I got the news .
What I can conform is that
Jørn recieved his 5th dan from Larry Tatum ,who has a studio in LA and has many youtube clips .
I think at that time giving Jørn a 5th dan was over rating him a degree or so..but in time Jørn made many improvements !

I am 62 now.. and just want you all to know I was the one who arranged to bring George Xu in 1990 and Master Kai Ying Tung in 1983.. to Denmark.
Martin Spang Olsen(famous stunt director) was one of my first students in the 1980s.
Master Tung is well known in San Franscio and in LA as well as many big cities in Europe .Tung knows me as *Red Hawk* or Lo Gin bei (man from the north)
By the way ..
Kenpo is a sister art of tai-chi which has no offical sash or belt rankings ,but of which back in the 1980s, I established a school with Jørn called Chinese American Kickboxing .
Within this context..Jørn taught sport boxing and I taught classic >Yang style push hands with free hand boxing to kids .
I was certified a instructor under Master Tung in 1978 . I had been teaching Tung tai-chi since 1972.
Inbetween 1973-1998 I studied under several high ranking non chinese Kung Fu 'Sifu's' ( who were highly trained martial artists)
As we all know Kenpo is a blend of many other famous styles,its a bit like Jeet Kwon do etc. made thier way to the scene in the late 1970's after Bruce Lee came into the limelight.
Ed parker knew Bruce and I think so did Larry Tatum (not sure on this one)
At least Parker and Tatum knew each other ..100% clear on this.

To be sure ..
I am not a 7th dan in Kempo and never have studied this style at all ,but from what I have seen from Master Larry Tatum and others ..its a worth while art !
A few years ago: Jørn offered to make me a 7th dan ,because of his respect to our long friendship of over 25 years .
My wife Celia who is Danish knew Jørn in the 1980s as well .
I would like to make this very clear to anyone reading this : I said no thanks to Jørns offer for a 7th dan .
If he issued me one ..I accept it post mortom only as a honaray diploma of friendship ,not as something that is real.
Anyway..I still live on Fynen .
I am retired from teaching fighting and I still practice tai-chi .
I taught Yoga in Kolding a few years ago..and spend my free time traveling to India in the cold Danish winters to be with my spiritual master *Mata Amrita Ananda Mayi* in Kerala .
I wish everyone well..and hope this to be informative .
Condolences to Jørns wife Lis Maria and his family & true friends ..who no doubt had to put up with a lot of crazy stuff when Jørn was alive .
In the end Jørns life is a good lesson to us all !
Your truely/ Venlige Hilsen ..Roger Wohletz

Green dream
6/06/2013 4:22pm,
Worked for chuck Liddell.