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Te No Kage!
7/05/2004 9:47am,
I'm going to be in Orlando July 12 - 17. Anybody want to hook up? Are there any McDojos in the South Florida area that anybody wants me to check out? I will have a car and nothing to do during the day so the possibilities are endless.

Gringo Grande
7/05/2004 12:30pm,
Go visit Ashida's "Dojo"...he is like 45 minutes to an hour from Orlando.


Gringo Grande

Te No Kage!
7/05/2004 5:26pm,
I thought it was imaginary. Is there really such a place? And I'm not going anywhere that could also be called a "compound".

7/05/2004 10:08pm,
I think it's one of those deals where it's invisible or hidden in a mountain that splits open.

Te No Kage!
7/06/2004 10:06am,
Matt W. or any other Orlando lurkers there?

Matt W.
7/06/2004 1:48pm,
Hey Bro. You know my sitchee-ation... Due date's the 15th. So I'm either gonna have just had, or be havin' a new baby. (whoo-hoo!) So I can't come out and play.

But I can assure you all, that despite my repeated punking out, I AM REAL!!!! ;) I've posted pictures.


Te No Kage!
7/06/2004 1:55pm,
Right on. Congratulations ahead of time! Be sure to post pics of baby W.

7/08/2004 12:49pm,
I am an Orlando lurker. Check out Central Florida Championship Karate on University and Dean.

Te No Kage!
7/08/2004 12:52pm,
thanks, do they have a website? Do you go there? What style of karate is it?